The 12 Best Merch by Amazon Reddit Posts

Whether you’re new to Merch by Amazon or already a successful seller, it’s always smart to take into account what other sellers are saying about the platform. With its own sub-forum for Merch by Amazon, Reddit is proving to be a great source of information to help you tier up, sell more shirts, and make more money. Check out this list of the 12 best Merch by Amazon Reddit posts for Merch by Amazon sellers.


User Experience and Real Life Success

This post offers an interesting perspective and details one seller’s own formula for success. Different strategies work for different people, but his is an interesting glimpse into the way a real Merch by Amazon seller does his day-to-day business.


A Merch by Amazon Journey

A new Merch by Amazon user chronicles the first six months of business with detailed information. Hitting tier 500 in just a little over three months, this seller shares insight into how to maximize your listings and upload more and more shirt designs all the time.


Merch by Amazon FAQs

Perfect for new and experienced users, this post offers tons of valuable information for Merch by Amazon sellers. Learn the basics, get a better understanding of the upload requirements for different tiers, and learn useful tips as to how to avoid copyright infringement and Amazon rejections.


Selling 100 Shirts per Day

Follow the link to a blog post on MerchInformer, which just so happens to be written by the same seller who runs the Merch by Amazon Reddit forum. It explains how to join and flourish in sub-forums, track tee shirts that people want, and use Reddit as a marketing tool to sell more product.


Interesting New String of Code

Wondering when Merch by Amazon will allow you to start printing your designs on hoodies? This user uncovers an interesting string of code that leads us to believe it will be sooner rather than later.


Tiered Up to T500

Having tiered up to T500 in 3.5 months, this user shares personal tips, observations, and tricks for maximizing sales. This post also provides insightful information into the importance of color choice and the size of your text and graphic.


Cartoon Break

Take a break from designing tees, reading Merch blogs, and trolling Reddit forums to enjoy this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Like so many of the tees that we create, it’s an inside joke that only other sellers will appreciate.


Christmas Trademark Violations

Don’t waste your time designing new holiday tees only to find out you’re infringing on a trademark or copyright. This post features a handy list of holiday-related motifs that are already trademarked, pending approval, or under examination.


Pick Your Own Color to Display

Tired of Amazon showing your graphics on any tee shirt color they want? This post details how to choose your own color for Amazon to display so you can present your artwork against the ideal color background.


Michael Essek AMA

Merch by Amazon guru Michael Essek shares personal insight and provides loads of resourceful information for anyone new to or familiar with the platform. It’s a must-read for any seller looking to find true success selling their own designs.  


Warning about the PrettyMerch Extension

This post details the experiences of one user whose actions were tracked upon installing PrettyMerch. The issue appears to have been resolved, but it’s a valuable lesson if you’re considering using a new extension.


Secrets to Success

This seller details a modest level of success on Merch by Amazon, reminding us all that every little milestone counts and gets us one step closer to the next tier.


Check back for new Merch by Amazon Reddit posts with new insights and useful tips and tricks to help you grow your Merch by Amazon business. 

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