Avoid these 3 easy Merch by Amazon Mistakes

Not all of your designs are going to sell well on Merch by Amazon, but to improve your chances there are 3 easy mistakes to avoid, as Neil Lassen at Merch Informer wrote in a recent post. He notes that those easy to avoid mistakes include spelling errors, using copyrighted designs elements, and getting multiple designs rejections.

Neil gives an example of a spelling mistake he’s made where one letter was left out of “t-shirt” and the listing was rejected for containing profanity. Admittedly, we’ve made the same mistake ourselves. While easy to fix, it’s not always easy to spot. Neil mentions that he posted to a group chat and 9 of 10 people who reviewed the text saw no problems. In this case, it would be nice if it was possible for Amazon Merch to simply change the text as it is clearly obvious of the intent.

Anyway, we’ve covered some about our process for checking designs for copyright issues in the past. While it’s easy to a check, it’s not necessarily easy to know how Amazon will handle each specific listing submission. Still, it does seem relatively easy to avoid the fate of getting 40 designs rejected in a single day, like one seller that Neil talked to. Here’s his advice:

I would highly recommend that people that want to [use the same bullet points on multiple products) use 1 day and put up all their designs on standard. Once those go live, you know they are good to go and THEN put them up on the other forms of products we have available to us.

This will ensure you do not get more rejections on another small mistake that is easily avoidable.

One other mistake we’d add is choosing the wrong colors for your shirts. Make sure the graphic is easily readable on all colors that you choose. It seems obvious, but we see this more often than we should. Anyway, check out details in Neil’s post 3 Easy Merch by Amazon Mistakes To Avoid at Merch Informer.

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