What are the best niches for Merch by Amazon?

What are the best niches for Merch by Amazon? It’s a question we’ve heard a lot recently, and one that’s difficult to answer. For one, there’s no official list of niches and the possibilities are essentially endless.

There’s also the question of what constitutes a good sales opportunity. Many niches are selling well – and many of those are already dominated by some great selling shirts.

In our own experience, it’s best to sell what you know. Our best selling designs are in very specific niches where we’re able to stick out via a combination of improved design and better product copywriting in our listing.

With our pre-stocked designs, we pick a number of niches based on our own keyword research using a number of great tools and methods. Then, we look for opportunities within those niches to create better listings. It doesn’t mean every one will sell without any work. The more insight you have into the area, the easier it will be to find an opportunity to stand out from the competitors. (And we’re happy to incorporate your ideas into our Merch by Amazon copywriting service if you’d like.)

One of the best advantages of picking niches you know is that you’ll likely have a chance to market your shirts to an existing audience.

While an audience could mean having a blog, email list, or social media following with thousands of followers, it can also mean a group of your friends, people in your community, or an online forum where you’re a regular contributor.

If you have listings that a particular group will like, share the link to your Amazon listing. Each sale helps gets your listing found – and you’re much more likely to get a review from a close contact, which really helps your listing stand out from competitors.

In summary, the best niches for Merch by Amazon are the niches you know well. It’ll give you the knowledge to create a great listing and you’ll likely have an existing audience.

Need more help with picking a niche? Check out these awesome guides:

Have a great idea in mind? We’re happy to help with custom designs for Merch by Amazon.

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