Choose an Effective Brand Name for Merch by Amazon Listings: Keep These Quick Tips on Hand

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Choose an Effective Brand Name for Merch by Amazon Listings: Keep These Quick Tips on Hand


On Merch by Amazon, there are essentially two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a brand name for your listings. One emphasizes the use of keywords in the brand name with variations among most, if not all design. The other method uses an overall brand name to tie together all styles under that name. While it’s a seemingly small choice, there are some important distinctions to keep in mind when choosing a brand name on Merch by Amazon.

Last week, we shared 7 copywriting tips on how to increase traffic to your Merch by Amazon listings. Somehow, we overlooked the brand name section in that post. Given that Merch sellers only get 5 fields of text for copywriting, it’s best to make use of all of them, including the brand name.

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As mentioned, many recommend using the brand name slot to insert keywords. The idea is that it’s one more place to feature a keyword. A second oft-mentioned reason for using new brand names on each listings is that it prevents others from copying an entire catalog of products.

Of course, as many Merch sellers know, products will be copied any time they show some modicum of success. It may not be the same sellers copying each listing, but they will be copied if they sell. This reminds me a bit of those worried about sharing business ideas of fear they’ll be stolen.

Typically, we recommend choosing a brand name to unite a number of designs, with the intention of creating a brand. Ideally, you’ll be able to identify a greater meaning behind the brand with which your target audience can relate (see link #1 below). Create a strong message and then use it everywhere, including in product descriptions.

This certainly doesn’t mean you should use one brand for any and all designs. In many cases, it makes sense to use multiple brand names for various design niches. Once you have brands set, take time to consider the catalog of products available under that brand. Look for complementary products and ways to fill out the entire collection.

Using just one brand name may not be the quickest path to success, but with consistency, it becomes a lot easier to leverage the brand name rather than marketing each individual shirt.


SUMMARY: When choosing a brand name on Merch by Amazon, there are two common methods: keyword relevant names unique to each design OR a common brand name. Here’s some thoughts on how to choose.

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“Giving your target audience a reason to feel good about buying from you is also a bulletproof strategy.” #marketing

A Pastor Uses Print On Demand To Generate $200k For Do-Good Projects
Elina Jurkane Printify

Whether you’re offering to donate to a chosen charity or opt to sell items that can be easily recycled or appeal to anything else that matters to your niche, finding the higher purpose for your brand can often be the factor that drives revenue growth and fosters brand loyalty. And once you have a message that resonates with your audience, the rest takes care of itself. Rodriguez explains:1



Looking for help getting started on Merch by Amazon? Here’s a guide on how to get inspired for your first designs.

How To Design Merch By Amazon T-Shirts That Sell
Rob Cubbon Build an Online Business Brand with Personal Freedom | Rob Cubbon

Some people are doing really well by focussing on future events like eclipses, national events and holidays, political messages, etc. It’s all very current and you have to keep yourself abreast of the news. That’s fine if you like that sort of thing but actively avoid all negativity, newsfeeds, and politics so I’m the wrong guy to find those niches.
Instead I focus on people’s passions – which is much more positive! So I go after sports, professions, hobbies, and family stuff. 2



Read this guide on how to effectively turn Youtube views into print-on-demand merchandise sales #marketing

How to Sell your Print on Demand Products Through YouTube
Jonno KITE

Keywords always play a major role in SEO ranking. Increasingly, it is becoming more acknowledged that Youtube SEO can in fact gain you far more search traffic than certain search engines combined…including Yahoo and Bing, when done right. Put some time aside to invest specifically in YouTube SEO by doing the following:

Always include a detailed description and multiple links to your landing page, along with an actual description of the video.
Use keywords in your video title
Add keywords as tags to your video
Use SEO optimised video descriptions
Brush up on the YouTube ranking factors3



Read about the inspiration behind #PrintOnDemand fulfillment company Printful from cofounder and CEO David Siksnans

Marketing the Printful Way with Custom Hoodies and Other Millennial Items
Dec 2, 2018

by Alex Yong
In Retail Trends
1 Small Business Trends

Davis Siksnans: Absolutely. One of the most important steps has been integrating our services with the e-commerce platforms our customers use. Our biggest partnership is with Shopify, which is used by thousands of active sellers worldwide. We provide automatic order fulfillment for Shopify stores — this means sellers don’t have to coordinate any of the logistics when a customer makes an order.4



Worried about #MerchByAmazon competition? Listen to this #MerchMinds podcast to learn how to drive sales outside of Amazon #marketing

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 108: Interview with Dean Jayroe and Courtney Cramer
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

This powerhouse couple purchased their own DTG printer to fulfill their own shirts outside of Amazon and business is booming! The boys talk a lot about building income streams outside of Amazon and that’s exactly what they did. With the purchase of their DTG printer, their margins on Etsy have skyrocketed and they now control their fulfillment schedule. They no longer have to rely on Printful and other fulfillment companies.5



See these mahcine-generated portraits made by using algorithm for some design inspiration

A Robot that Draws Algorithmically-Generated Portraits
Jason Kottke





Richard Buchanan’s “Four Orders of Design” have been impacted grealy by technology

How Technology Has Impacted the Four Orders of Design
Veselina Dzhingarova Graphic Design Junction

“Four Orders of Design”, as developed by Professor Richard Buchanan and extensively written about in his book of the same name released in 1999. However, if you are wondering what these orders are and how technology has impacted them, you will see that much of what he says has become standard in almost any niche in the design industry. Let’s take a closer look at those four orders and then a brief look at how technology has impacted them.7





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    Yes, it’s always a point of discussion: do you use keywords in the brand, the same as the product title or different, or do you make it the same as a number of your other shirts in a similar niche?
    Helpful article, thanks.
    And thank you for including my article “How To Design Merch By Amazon T-Shirts That Sell”.


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