The case against VAs for uploading to Merch by Amazon

In their latest podcast, Glen and Yong discuss using virtual assistants (VAs) for Merch by Amazon. Some of the most successful sellers, like RJ Martinez, outsource every aspect of their business.

They also talk about hiring VA’s. Both Glen and Yong are a one-man operation. While there are other people outsourcing every aspect of their business, they discuss why they will never hire a VA to upload their designs. Also, they talk about the importance of doing research regardless of who you hire.

Listen to Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 065: Networking and Hiring VA’s with Glen and Yong.

Interestingly, Amazon appears to have made it more difficult to let others manage an account recently. Some accounts now require two factory authentication (either by Authenticator app or text message) and there’s no way to turn this off in the account. This is potentially triggered by IP. At this time, there’s not even a way to change a password within the Merch by Amazon platform.

Merch by Amazon addresses this in two questions on their FAQ page:

Can I hire other people to work with me on my Merch by Amazon business?
Yes. You are the owner of your business and can build your Merch by Amazon business however you like. Please remember that you are the sole owner of your Seller account and it cannot be sold. If you decide to hire support for your business in the form of other job functions like designers, accountants, marketing, etc., you should keep your password confidential and restrict access to your account by others.

Can I give someone else access to my Merch by Amazon seller account?
No. Your account belongs to you and you alone. You agree that you are responsible for the content uploaded onto your account. All content must comply with Merch by Amazon policy and the Merch by Amazon Terms of Use agreement. While we may enable user accounts in the future, we have not created multi-user functionality. Giving access to multiple users puts your account at risk for rejection, suspension and/or termination.

It would be nice if there were a way to create accounts for others. At the very least, high tier sellers need a way to let others access the account to deal with the large number of designs being managed.

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