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Get marketing tips for your print-on-demand business whether selling on Merch by Amazon, Printful, or other print-on-demand platform.

With print-on-demand, there’s no need to deal with traditional inventory hassles. After ordering custom t-shirt designs or creating your own designs with our t-shirt design maker, you’ll need to work on marketing your products.

Whether selling on a marketplace like Amazon Merch or RedBubble, or selling on a standalone shop, it’s a big help if you can drive traffic to your listing rather than relying on buyers to find you via search.

When it comes to marketing printed merchandise, it’s important to try to establish a connection with the buyer beyond the actual merchandise. Since it’s easy for others to copy designs, it’s crucial to establish a brand that can’t easily be copied.

Consider your target audience, then think about the things they care about and how you can help. Most likely, s/he already has countless t-shirts so you need to give them a reason to purchase.

Once the brand message is established, be consistent with it everywhere – emails, blogs, social media, product listings, and anywhere else you put your brand’s name.