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Get marketing tips for your print-on-demand business whether selling on Merch by Amazon, Printful, or other print-on-demand platform.

With print-on-demand, there’s no need to deal with traditional inventory hassles. After ordering custom t-shirt designs or creating your own designs with our t-shirt design maker, you’ll need to work on marketing your products.

Whether selling on a marketplace like Amazon Merch or RedBubble, or selling on a standalone shop, it’s a big help if you can drive traffic to your listing rather than relying on buyers to find you via search.

When it comes to marketing printed merchandise, it’s important to try to establish a connection with the buyer beyond the actual merchandise. Since it’s easy for others to copy designs, it’s crucial to establish a brand that can’t easily be copied.

Consider your target audience, then think about the things they care about and how you can help. Most likely, s/he already has countless t-shirts so you need to give them a reason to purchase.

Once the brand message is established, be consistent with it everywhere – emails, blogs, social media, product listings, and anywhere else you put your brand’s name.

  • How Do Successful POD Stores use Social Media? POD Weekly #49

    Successful print-on-demand sellers typically connect with fans by uniting behind a bigger mission. When done right, that message is conveyed consistently across all channels, including social media. If you're looking for ideas of how to use social media effectively, I'd highly recommend looking at what the best of these shops are doing. Plus in POD Weekly #49: Merch Sellers in, BFCM for POD Sellers, Full Time POD Success Story, & Printful Growing

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  • How to Create a T-Shirt Brand Like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes – POD Weekly #46

    If you're struggling to come up with a story from your brand, try finding a non-profit cause that may fit well with your brand. Alley & Rae Apparel has used a Shopify app to donate nearly 20,000 meals, which in turn has helped them better connect with customers. It's not the only key to success, but can go a long way towards setting a brand apart from competitors, similar to Warby-Parker and Tom's Shoes.  Plus in POD WEEKLY #46, find free Shopify apps, download free fonts, get holiday design inspiration and learn why you should be selling tote bags.

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  • POD Weekly #37 Beyond Tees

    POD Weekly #37 Beyond Tees   The print-on-demand industry has grown to include a huge number of products. While many sellers get started with t-shirts, there are dozens of other types of products available to print-on-demand merchants. Some platforms, like Merch by Amazon, offer a handful of apparel products like sweatshirts and longsleeve tees. Other platforms, like Printful, offers dozens of products including mugs, hats, bags, phone cases, and many other accessories and household items. ALSO: See our list of over 22 print-on-demand platforms Offering more products is an easy way to expand your inventory, without necessarily needing new designs. …

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  • POD Weekly #34: Local Merch Problems

    POD WEEKLY #34 LOCAL MERCH PROBLEMS Last week, we discussed using print-on-demand to find ways to work with local businesses, providing both upfront consulting fees and ongoing revenue from t-shirt sales. We heard back from some readers with some questions. One of the biggest concerns was why local businesses would be willing to pay someone else to do this for them rather than doing it on their own. There are many reasons, including owners and managers not having enough time, not knowing about the overhead-free possibilities of print-on-demand, lack of knowledge of how to get it done, etc. Regardless …

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  • POD Weekly #32: Last call for Early Preview Signup

    POD WEEKLY #32 EARLY PREVIEW SIGNUP As mentioned last week, we’ve got a big update on the way for sellers looking to create great looking to create custom designs quickly and easily. If you’re interested in getting an early preview, sign up at the link below. Join Early Preview List     RECOMMENDED LINKS Each week, we share content from a variety of sources intended to help print-on-demand sellers. Get even more links by following us on Facebook or Twitter.    — Here’s a good read on how to use social media marketing to gain customers for a …

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  • Weekly POD: Building your own Audience

    A number a few sellers have expressed concerns about competition as print-on-demand platforms become more saturated with sellers. One of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition is by building a direct connection with your audience.

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  • How to use Pinterest to get sales on Merch by Amazon

    Amazon has a huge number of eyeballs, but it can be hard to get your products found when there are so many competitors. Rather than just relying on Amazon's customers to find your products by searching on Amazon, put some effort to driving customers directly to your listings. When it comes to driving traffic to your listings, there are a nearly endless number of opportunities. For one specific tactic, the Placeit Blog has a great post on how to use Pinterest to get sales on Merch by Amazon.

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  • Content marketing tools for print on demand sellers

    A short list tools from Thomas Smale to improve your content marketing. Perfect to drive traffic to your Print-On-Demand products on all platforms. On an execution level, using the right tools could make a huge difference in your marketing efforts. When selecting those tools, keep in mind that each will ideally come with detailed analytics using specific metrics. With the six tools discussed below, you can plan, design, create, schedule, publish, reuse, innovate and track your content so no one piece of it goes unpublished and each is primed to bring new leads and, eventually, revenue. via 6 Top Tools …

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  • 15 Experts Share Tips on How to Get Sales on Merch by Amazon

    Some sellers on Merch by Amazon are having lots of success. This ever-growing community of tee shirt designers, artists, and entrepreneurs has spawned numerous blogs, forums, and podcasts, offering a wealth of information for sellers just getting started or those looking for insightful and interesting ways to increase their print-on-demand design business. To help our readers build their own strong MBA business, we asked 15 successful sellers to share their tips for how to get sales on Merch by Amazon. Here’s what they had to say.   Experts’ Tips on How to Get Sales on Merch by Amazon Neil Lassen, …

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