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More about our Print-on-Demand blog posts

Check out our print-on-demand blog posts for news, tips, links and info for POD sellers.

Are you looking for a new solution and comparing platforms? See our guide to print-on-demand platforms to quickly compare dozens of solutions including Merch by Amazon, TeeSpring, Redbubble, Etsy, Shopify and other apparel and giftware POD solutions.

Whether looking for a new side business or want to grow revenue from an existing audience, POD services may be the solution you need. With print-on-demand, a third party will handle all printing and shipping. If a customer orders a t-shirt, sweatshirt or other item from you shop, the shirt fulfillment can be handled automatically.

Typically, you’ll pay a base fee for the item plus shipping costs, though it’s best to check the terms of service for each specific POD platform. Depending on the platform, the customer service will either be handled by the platform direction, such as on Merch by Amazon, or directly on other standalone platforms.

At MerchReadyDesigns, we provide print on demand services for sellers of all platforms, including stocked print-on-demand designs, custom apparel designs, and copywriting for print-on-demand products.

In addition, we run our own POD ecommerce business in order to keep up to date with the latest developments. POD apparel offers the ability to generate revenue without stocking inventory, little overhead, and no fulfillment concerns.

Our members have great things to say about us and most of our content is available for free on our blog, or by our weekly email newsletter. Join as a member today to get access to all designs, plus discounts on custom designs. Memberships can be canceled at any time and include a $10 monthly credit (pro members only). If you prefer, simply place an order as non-member right away for custom design or copywriting services.

  • Customer Service for Print-on-Demand

    While it'd be nice to never need to deal with customer service issues, there's most likely going to be a customer facing problem at some point. It's worth keeping in mind your responsibilities when it comes to providing customer service for print-on-demand products. If it is on your company, be mindful not to point fingers and point fingers at others. Plus in POD Weekly #51: Top 10 POD mistakes, US Rugby on Merch by Amazon, Brands use KITE for POD Merch, Embroidery-on-Demand, influencer marketing, and Amazon search is getting worse

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  • Print-on-Demand vs Dropshipping – POD Weekly #50

    Traditionally, running a store meant upfront purchases & inventory headaches. Dropshipping and print-on-demand have changed that. Which method is the right method for your ecommerce business?  Plus, in POD Weekly #50: success factors for selling custom merch, google shopping for print-on-demand, a guide to fabric types, 3-d printing on demand, profile of latvia's startup success story of printful

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  • Ecommerce sales without hassles of traditional inventory – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​POD Weekly #39

    POD Weekly #39 Ecommerce sales without hassles of traditional inventory   Physical inventory businesses have a number of pitfalls including upfront costs. inventory projections, storage and fulfillment, running out of stock of good sellers, and holding too much inventory of poor performers are just some of the issues every physical product business has to manage. For apparel owners, the problems are only exasperated by variations among inventory and sizes. As an owner of a small clothing brand with way too many units (over 600,000 units and 2,000 SKUs at one point), I can tell you the headaches never seem to …

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  • 10 Alternative Strategies for Print-on-Demand Merchandise – POD Weekly #38

    POD Weekly #38 Alternative Strategies for Print-on-Demand Merchandise   Many sellers struggle with the ever-increasing competition on marketplaces liker Merch by Amazon and Etsy. We hear about problems with listings suddenly being removed, competitors stealing designs, constant undercutting, etc. This week, I read an article on how a wood shop is using print-on-demand to add new products to their shop without adding any hassle. As you may imagine, a wood shop isn’t exactly designed to scale and isn’t a fit for every budget. By adding print-on-demand merchandise, they give fans a way to show their support for the brand, while …

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  • POD Weekly #36: Print on Demand Business & Intellectual Property

    POD WEEKLY #36 PRINT ON DEMAND BUSINESS & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY In an article on Tamebay about Merch by Amazon launching in Europe, there’s an interesting take on the reason for Amazon’s platform being the most notable among the dozens of print on demand business services available. “The Amazon offering is likely most notable because of how it protects the trademarks and intellectual property of your artwork and that of big brands too. Other less stringent services are available.”1 Amazon’s review team is certainly quick to reject items for any perceived copyright infringement of big brands intellectual property. Typically, …

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  • Infographic: How Print on Demand Works

    Print on demand is a growing influence in the ecommerce industry. Many sellers have found success on third-party POD marketplace platforms, while others run their own shops integrated with POD software and fulfillment providers. Still many aren’t clear on how print on demand works. In the below infographic, from the team at KITE, a print-on-demand software and platform with Shopify integrations as well as their own web portal and APIs, the entire print on demand process is explained.   How Print on Demand Works   Infographic by  

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  • Local Merch Strategy: Earn Recurring Revenue Working with Local Businesses

    Tired of Waiting for Designs to be Found? One of the biggest challenges with running a successful print-on-demand business is dealing with competitors. With low barriers to entry, there are an ever-increasing number of sellers making it harder to get found via organic search results on platforms like Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Etsy, etc. Mike Gual, who first heard of Merch by Amazon in 2005, was weary of getting started on the platform after experiencing similar problems on TeeSpring. Then, he developed a new strategy for using Merch by Amazon to tap into the existing marketing efforts and customer bases …

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  • POD Update: Non-Apparel Businesses using POD

    Weekly POD Update NON-APPAREL BUSINESSES USING POD Something we’ve noticed recently is the number of non-apparel businesses using print-on-demand platforms. POD is great for those companies since there is no inventory, no fulfillment, and they likely an existing fan/customer base. Plus, it gives them a potential new revenue stream and two opportunities for increased brand exposure (via the shirt listings and the shirts being worn). We recently posted a list of popular brands using Merch by Amazon – and it’s not just big brands. Check out the two Merch Minds podcast episodes at the end of the links for ideas …

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  • Weekly Print-on-Demand Links & News

    MRD FEEDBACK SURVEY We are working to improve MRD and would love your feedback via a short survey. It will only take a few minutes. As a thank you, we’ll issue a $5 credit if you complete the survey this weekend. Take survey & get a $5 credit >>   RECOMMENDED LINKS DESIGN INSPIRATION: The Captain’s Vintage Tees is a great collection of authentic vintage tees. Browse around to get some ideas for some vintage style inspiration – and maybe pick up an authentic vintage tee while you’re there. FREE DESIGN ASSETS: Spooner Graphics is offering 10 Free Ink Splatter …

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  • Print-on-Demand Shopify Apps

    Beyond print-on-demand platforms, there are a number of print-on-demand Shopify apps that allow sellers to setup their own custom Shopify store. There's no specific category on Shopify App store so we created a list of all print-on-demand Shopify apps with review counts, ratings, and more.

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  • Can song titles & lyrics be used on t-shirt designs?

    Recently, we had a member ask about using song lyrics on shirts, after he ordered one of our custom t-shirt design packs. We weren’t entirely clear on the issue so did a bit of research on the subject. We certainly aren’t lawyers and don’t intend for this to be taken as legal advice. Still, we found a few helpful articles that may be helpful to other print-on-demand sellers interesting in using lyrics. From the post Are Song Titles & Lyrics Protected by Copyright or Trademark Law? at Song titles generally don’t fall within the protection of copyright law …

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