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Looking for t-shirt design ideas for print-on-demand merchandise? Read our helpful posts to get inspired with great ideas for your next t-shirts whether looking for design ideas for Merch by Amazon, RedBubble or other Print on Demand platform.

If you need help creating designs, check out our service for custom t-shirt designs, or our own t-shirt design maker, Design Jar.

  • Get Started Creating Great T-Shirt Designs for Free – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​POD Weekly #48

    We've introduced many new features and tools to make it easier for members to get great-looking designs quickly and easily. Until now, only members had access. Now, anyone can try all our new features with a 7 day free trial.  Plus, in POD Weekly #48, digital art created with AI fetches $432,000 in auction (& how it works), creating print-on-demand products for large Facebook groups, new holiday merchandise options, 21 free fonts, and BeeJay DeLong on the MerchMinds podcast

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  • Choosing the Right Designs for your Brand – POD Weekly #45

    Each brand has choices around the platform, marketing strategy, and designs utilized. The right choices go a long way toward building a strong brand. Try DesignJar to create great looking designs quickly and easily. Plus you can create & save your own templates to generate your own brand style. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​[POD Weekly #45] WTF?! Merch by Amazon's new content policy, $0-40k in 4 months, Seth Godin, and Halloween Design inspiration

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  • Create Bulk Merch Designs Quickly & Easily – POD Weekly #44

    Creating new designs for print-on-demand merchandise doesn't need to be a complicated process. With our new design tool, DesignJar, we've made the process as simple as possible by allowing members to download design files in the correct dimensions directly from the design tool. Join MRD today to try it. [POD Weekly #44] 6 Figure Merch Brand Tips, How much do Halloween shoppers spend, TeeSpring vs Merch by Amazon, and Using Social Media to Boost Sales.

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  • How to Generate Ideas for New T-Shirt Designs – POD Weekly #43

    Looking to keep costs down when trying new ideas? DesignJar helps anyone create unlimited great-looking designs quickly and easily with easily customizable professional template & instantly downloadable design files. All members currently have access to all features. [POD WEEKLY #43] Will Amazon B2B integrate Merch by Amazon, Merch by Amazon Conference in Seattle, How New York Media is using Merch by Amazon for a line of Tees

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  • Creating Original Designs from Templates – POD Weekly #42

    POD Weekly #42 Creating Original Designs from Templates   Templates provide a great starting point, with a portion of the work already done, they are ready to customize to suit your needs. Of course, it’s the customization work the becomes the most important part of the design process when using templates in order to make sure you end up with original designs. By definition, templates are easy to copy and to make them stick out from competitors, you’ll need to put a little extra work into making them great. Take time to go to the extra mile by crafting a …

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  • Increase ROI by Creating your Own Supply of Great Looking Designs – POD Weekly #41

    POD Weekly #41 Increase ROI by Creating your Own Supply of Great Looking Designs   One of the problems many print-on-demand sellers run into is paying too much for designs that don’t sell. Many sellers find that a handful of designs drive a disproportionately large percentage of sales so it’s necessary to limit costs on the non-sellers and continue to try more designs to find more winners in order to increase ROI. Whether looking to fill out your a marketplace account quota, try out some new niches, stock a new Shopify store, or even sell design services to local businesses, …

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  • Get this secret weapon to generate ideas for Merch by Amazon designs

    Here’s another endorsement for the Merch Momentum newsletter, which we’ve mentioned previously. This endorsement comes from Chris Wilkey at FBA Master, who contributed to our previous experts’ roundup posts on How to Get Sales on Merch by Amazon and Unusual Tips for Getting Sales on Amazon Merch. He’s published a lot on Merch by Amazon recently and his posts are definitely worth reading. Anyway, here’s what he had to say about the Merch Momentum newsletter. This is a killer weekly newsletter that is created by Merch Momentum (by a guy named Michael Essany) and I have fallen …

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  • Public Domain Works for Print on Demand Platforms

    We’ve been doing some research around public domain works and how these works are handled when it comes to intellectual property. As we’ve mentioned, we take trademark and copyright issues very seriously and have multiple checks in place. Recently, we came across a great site at They have a page of FAQs when it comes to public domain works that’s well worth a read as it may help clarify a few things, as well as spark some ideas for new designs. There are three main categories of public domain works: Works that automatically enter the public domain upon creation, …

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  • Using expired patent applications for print-on-demand products

    Based on a recent question from a reader, we looked a bit into using elements from expired patents on print-on-demand designs. As usual with intellectual property, it’s a murky area. Here’s one take from Quora: Patent attorneys usually contract out drafting, which would make the copyright in the drawings the property of the drafter, not the inventor. Once the drafter completes the drawings, the attorney usually provides a numbering markup. So, now the attorney and drafter are co-authors. Unless, they are both employees of the inventor, this is not a work made for hire. To have subject matter jurisdiction for …

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  • Where to Find Designs to Sell on Merch By Amazon

    Let’s face it: it can be difficult to find designs to sell on Merch by Amazon. While some of us are lucky enough to have a semblance of knowledge regarding graphic arts, there are so many particularities and requirements for Merch By Amazon designs that can make creation difficult and time consuming. Needless to say, you may be in the midst of scouring the internet for a source of high-quality, unique, and intriguing designs to use on Merch By Amazon. There are a plethora of options throughout the internet, but where do you start? And what method will work best …

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