Trouble Getting Your Designs Seen? Grow Traffic and Sales With 7 Copywriting Ideas You can Begin Using Today

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Trouble Getting Your Designs Seen? Grow Traffic and Sales With 7 Copywriting Ideas You can Begin Using Today


When it comes to print-on-demand, great designs are only part of the equation. Even the best designs will never get a single sale if they aren’t seen by shoppers.

It’s not uncommon to see sub-par merchandise outsell great looking merchandise simply because they get more traffic. If you’re having trouble getting your designs seen, take a look at your product copywriting to see if it can be improved with these copywriting ideas for print on demand merchandise.


7 Copywriting Ideas for Print-on-Demand Merchandise

  1. Sell benefits – not features. This is a common idea in marketing and should not be forgotten even when selling basic items like t-shirts. Customers aren’t looking to buy a piece of clothing. More often, it’s about connecting with a group or expressing a belief.Rather than describing what’s on the shirt, think about the occasions the shirt will be worn and how it will make the wearer feel at the time. Perhaps it’s a “baseball mom” wearing a tee to her daughter’s game or a boy playing like the tyrannosaurus printed on his “t-rex fan” shirt. Here’s more information in a post titled Features Tell, but Benefits Sell.
  2. Write for the machines. Whether selling on Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, or even your own standalone shop, it’s worth remembering that most shoppers typically begin their journey by typing into a search box so SEO (search engine optimization) is important.Search engines, including Google, Amazon, Etsy and others all work in a similar method: return the most relevant results first. For your listings to show up near the top, make sure to use a strong keyword strategy: research keywords, focus narrowly, and use supporting keyword variations. Free tools such as UberSuggest, Sonar, KeywordTool provide a big boost.
  3. Write for humans. Getting your listings shown in search results only solves part of the problems.  Ultimately, humans still make the decision of whether to make a purchase. Don’t stuff keywords into titles, bullet points, and product descriptions and make it unreadable.Make it readable to humans, evoke emotions, and give customers a reason to buy. (Review idea number 2 above.) Use a tool like readable to get a readability score and ideas of how to improve.
  4. Use headline generator tools to write better bullet points. Writing attention grabbing headlines has become an art in age of social media. Of course, there are a number of apps to suggest and analyze great headlines.Although the title probably isn’t the right place to use that type of text, it may work well as a bullet point. These can be placed above a product description, or used in the default bullet point fields in Merch by Amazon. Good tools include Title-Generator, Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, and Sharethrough Headlines.
  5. Don’t waste your opportunity to communicate with customers. All print-on-demand platforms give you a chance to add custom titles and text. Don’t leave them blank.This is a chance to tell get the attention of both the machines and your customers.Show machines your product is relevant for particular keywords.  Tell customers why they should buy this particular product. If a customer is interested enough to want to read more, there’s a good chance s/he will turn into a buyer. Look to add value with every field available. (See previous post on how to write product descriptions for Merch by Amazon.)
  6. Don’t rely on text from manufacturers and printers. This should go without saying, given what’s been written above, but be sure not to fill in text fields with copies of the default text from manufacturers and printers. Typically, this info is very factual and given the nature of the product, it will be the same for everyone selling that product.This info can be included (and for Merch by Amazon, you only have control of 2 of 5 bullet points), but it shouldn’t be the focus. Move it down below custom product descriptions or look to incorporate the information in more engaging ways.
  7. Don’t wait for customers to find you. Not all sales come through organic searches. If you’ve got great designs and excellent copy, don’t just wait for customers to find your listings.Reach out to your potential audience. If you’ve chosen niches that you know well, you probably already know someone that may be interested. Find Facebook groups, online forms relevant hashtags and get in touch. If they still don’t buy, review your listings and see what can be improved.


SUMMARY: Great designs will never sell if they don’t get seen by shoppers. And shoppers need a reason to turn into customers. Use these 7 copywriting ideas to drive more traffic and convert more sales. 

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