Create Designs For Merch Quickly in Minutes – POD Weekly #40

POD Weekly #40

Create Designs For Merch Quickly in Minutes


Creating designs for print-on-demand platforms such as Merch on your own can be time-consuming and overly-complicated. However, it’s also one of the fastest and cheapest ways to create new designs to fill up accounts and test new niches. We’re working to make it easier for anyone to create designs for Merch by Amazon quickly with our new DIY design tool, DesignJar.

The app will make it possible to create designs for Merch in minutes in a few simple steps:

  1. choose a template
  2. customize text and artwork
  3. add effects
  4. download file

Over the last few weeks, we’ve tested DesignJar with a few dozen Early Preview members who have used the app to create designs for Merch and they have generated over 500 hundred custom t-shirt designs.

As of today, all recurring members now have early access to DesignJar and we’re actively working to make improvements and add features so they can create designs for Merch in a hassle-free manner.

I’d really appreciate if you could help us out and answer a brief two question survey. It’ll help us prioritize the improvements and make DesignJar even better to create designs for Merch in minutes.


Take 2 Question Survey

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P.S. Save time and simplify the process of creating designs on your own with our new design tool, DesignJar. With over 5000 artwork assets, unique effects, and ready-to-upload files, it’s helped dozens of early testers create over 500 high quality designs. Help us make it even better by taking our two question survey – or get early access today by signing up for a membership




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—-  Here’s an in-depth, comprehensive post on print-on-demand from the Shopify blog, complete with background, strategies, and tips. 

“Print-on-demand services offer an alternative way to bypass the time, investment, and risk associated with managing inventory”

Print on Demand: A Low-Risk Way to Sell Custom T-Shirts, Books, and More
Braveen Kumar Shopify Blog – Company

“You can use print-on-demand services to:

Test a business idea or new product line for an existing business without the risks that come with buying inventory.

Monetize an audience you’ve built. Printing on demand is a great option if you’re a YouTuber, cartoonist, or social media influencer who wants to spend your time creating content instead of fulfilling orders.

Create original products for a niche of customers. For example, apparel for people who are passionate about gaming.

Easily print one-off items—t-shirts, books, shoes, bags, wall art, phone cases, clocks, laptop skins, mugs, and so much more. You can send these as gifts or keep them for yourself and your team.”1


—- One of the benefits of selling on platforms outside of Merch by Amazon is the ability to use additional product images. Find stock images that fit your brand’s style and increase the perceived value greatly over generic stock images. 

“there are all types of mockups you can use to elevate your designs and really make them shine”

Elevate Your Designs with the Perfect Mockups | Resources
Author: Muhammad Faisal

“Now that you have your designs ready to go, don’t include them in your portfolio just like that! While your design may look great on its own, it will always look better displayed on a high quality image that shows it in a real life setting. Avoid presenting boring, flat assets to potential clients and instead wow them by displaying that cool web page or app you worked hard on using a cellphone or laptop mockup.
Finding mockups that fit your design aesthetic is easy thanks to the huge collection of mockups you can find on the internet.”2


—- Keep consistent and true to the brand’s purpose in all marketing. Here’s tips on creating a plan of how to do that in 6 steps. 

“This means that all messages, responses, and comments must all be guided by a plan geared towards business objectives”

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan in 6 Steps
India Digital Doughtnut

“A social media marketing plan is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social media. This plan should include a check of the current status of your accounts, your goals in the near future and all the tools you want to use to achieve them.
In general, the more specific your plan is, the more effective you will be in implementing it. Try to keep it concise. The plan will guide your actions, but it will also be a measure by which you will determine whether you succeed or fail.”3

—- Here’s a new Merch Minds podcast, with speculation on coming throttling for Q4 on Merch by Amazon. 

“This week Glen and Yong talk about their Q4 predictions and expectations”

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 096: KDP + CreateSpace + Q4
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“On a previous episode, Glen even hinted maybe doing FBA again because he thinks there will be another freeze or throttle. Yong agrees. With Amazon having launched Merch Collab, PopSockets, Merch UK/DE, and Merch AMS all in one year there is a great chance of some kind of freeze this Q4.”4


—- The PlaceIt blog has a guide on using Instagram to market a t-shirt business. 

“Luckily, we have developed a great guide to help you start making real t-shirt sales”

2018 Instagram T-shirt Business Marketing Guide
Placeit Blog

“Instagram is 2018’s coolest Social Media platform, no doubt about it. If you are not getting customers from Instagram yet, it’s about time for you start using this social media platform. I hope you’ve found this t-shirt business Instagram guide useful, feel free to share it and ask questions in the comments section below. So, tell us, were you able to tag products in your Instagram posts and create a beautiful seamless shopping experience for your customers? Have you started investing in Instagram ads?”5


Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Sun, September 16    Wife Appreciation Day
Sun, September 23    September equinox / fall starts
October – December  Holiday Shopping
Mon, October 1    International Coffee Day
Wed, October 10    World Mental Health Day
Wed, October 31    Halloween
Sun, November 11    Veterans Day

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