What is Merch Ready Designs?

MerchReadyDesigns.com helps resellers, businesses and organizations of all sizes add revenue without traditional inventory hassles by providing easy-to-use tools and services to create great print-on-demand merchandise.

Who uses MRD?

MRD members are looking for an easy way to source great looking graphic designs and expertly written copywriting. Instead of spending time researching ideas, finding designers, negotiating prices, or using overly complicated design tools, MRD helps save time. Members sells on a wide variety of platforms, including Merch by Amazon, TeeSpring, Shopify, RedBubble and others.

How does the MRD Marketplace work?

The MRD Marketplace provides premade designs from vetted designers. If you need designs in a hurry, or just want someone else to come up with ideas, this is a great place to go to get designs instantly.

What is DesignJar?

DesignJar is a do-it-yourself design tool that makes it easy for anyone to create great looking designs for printed merchandise in minutes. Select a template, customize with free artwork and text, add effects, and download a ready-to-upload file.

How does the 7 day free trial work?

The 7 day free trial allows members to try out DesignJar to create unlimited designs plus get access to the MRD Marketplace to preview the designs available. Offer is only valid  to new members on Basic Monthly plans. Create and purchase as many designs as you’d like during your trial. To cancel, please send a message via our contact form. (More info on cancellations below.)

When are designs released?

Designs are released daily at random times throughout the day in order to give all members a chance to purchase designs, regardless of time zone or availability.

Is there a limit on the number of designs that can be purchased?

There’s no limit on the number of designs that can be purchased by a member.

How does membership work?

We restrict our designs to members only in order to prevent others from copying our designs. Membership is limited in order to ensure there are enough designs for purchase for all members. Non-members are able to purchase custom design packs at full price, while members receive discounts on custom packs & access to ready-to-upload designs.

What is your copyright/trademark guarantee?

We screen all designs for copyright and trademarks. Here’s more on how we handle copyright/trademark issues and design rejections on our blog. Occasionally, something slips by or a design may be rejected by MerchByAmazon for unforeseen reasons. If this happens, we’ll issue a credit for a new design plus an additional credit towards another purchase.

How much do premade t-shirt designs cost?

Single designs start at $9 and vary with quality. Bulk designs are price accordingly lower.

How many times is each premade design sold?

Premade Designs are sold once only. After a design is purchased, it is removed from our site.

On what platforms can the desigsn be used?

Designs can be on any print-on-demand platform such as including Merch by Amazon, Shopify, RedBubble, Printful and many others.

What at the specifications of the design files?

Designs are provided as PNG files with transparent backgrounds. All designs have dimensions of 4500px x 5400px unless otherwise specified.

Are all shirts original?

All of our designs are original designs made by own team of designers. We do not guarantee that all phrases are unique. In fact, many phrases are used by a number of other merchant, which is typically a good sign there’s no copyright issue. We put our own spin on each design with great typefaces & fonts, coloring, graphics, effects and more.

How are monthly credits issued?

Your first credit will be sent via email after your account is manually approved, typically within a few hours on business days. After that, your credit code will be sent via email on the Wednesday after the day of the month that you first signed up (i.e. if you signed up on Sept 16th, you’ll receive your second credit code on the Wednesday after October 16th. Credit codes will be valid for 30 days and cannot be rolled over.

How does the 10-day money back guarantee work?

All new Pro memberships come with a 10-day money back guarantee. There are no refunds for Basic accounts. The 10-day period gives you a chance to see our designs. The guarantee is only valid for new customers prior to purchasing a design. Refunds will not be issued if a design has been purchased. If you have not purchased a design and wish to cancel, email us.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds besides aside from our money back guarantee for new customers on Pro accounts (see above). Design and copywriting orders are not eligible for refund due to the nature of digital products.

How do membership cancellations work?

Memberships are automatically renewed until canceled. You may cancel at any time. Please use our contact form or cancel your recurring payments directly through PayPal. You’ll have access to all designs and membership discounts until the end of the most recently paid period. After that, you’ll still have access to your account to download past purchases, order custom designs and copywriting, and/or renew your membership. Membership fees are not eligible for refunds (prorated or otherwise) outside of our 10-day money back guarantee.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Contact us if you have any additional questions.