What FBA Sellers need to know about Merch by Amazon

Here’s a couple of excerpts from our recent guest post on the AmazonSellersLawyer blog.

But what makes it different than the traditional Amazon Seller Central? From design to production to marketing, Merch By Amazon is changing the way we do business. Ready to figure out if Merch By Amazon is right for you? We’re comparing the two and noting the most distinct differences so that you can decide if one, or both, is right for you.

To sum it up, Merch By Amazon is easy, you’ll never have to deal with customers, but you will experience some limitations as to how much control you have over your listings. Amazon Seller Central offers greater options for distinction, marketing, and pricing, but it comes with its own set of challenges and drawbacks. Regardless of which platform you choose, do your homework, learn your niche, and market to your target audience to enjoy real, sustainable success.

Check out the full post FBA Sellers: What You Need to Know About Merch By Amazon.

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