How to use Pinterest to get sales on Merch by Amazon

Amazon has a huge number of eyeballs, but it can be hard to get your products found when there are so many competitors. Rather than just relying on Amazon’s customers to get sales on Merch by Amazon, put some effort to driving customers directly to your listings. When it comes to driving traffic to your listings, there are a nearly endless number of opportunities. For one specific tactic, the Placeit Blog has a great post on how to use Pinterest to get sales on Merch by Amazon.

Here’s a bit about the reasoning behind driving traffic directly to your Amazon listings:

Once you have your creations made though, the next goal is to get them in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If you are new to the game, you MUST be on This is the largest online retailer in the entire world and currently the 5th most visited website in the USA and 10th more visited website world wide. Those are good numbers. In fact, there are over 2 billion people each month that find themselves shopping on Amazon looking for something to spark their fancy enough to be willing to put down a credit card and purchase.

There are so many people that you can sell to by being on Amazon, but that is not where you should stop. Everyone else is looking at Amazon as a golden egg opportunity as well so when you get your designs up through Merch by Amazon, your first goal should be to drive traffic to your listings. This will help make sales to gain more exposure to Amazon organic traffic and in turn will help you get sales on Merch. The question then becomes. Where do you market Merch by Amazon designs, how do you market, and what can you do to stand out? The answer is pretty simple!

As to why to use Pinterest to market your Merch by Amazon listings, they write:

If you know nothing about Pinterest right now, know this. People using this platform love to buy! 

Admittedly, I know nothing about Pinterest. Their guide makes it seem like a relatively simple process mostly requiring a commitment to updating regularly, at least initially. One of the keys is to use better images than the product images provided by Amazon. Instead, use a template (PlaceIt has tons of options) to create great looking mockups showing products on people, besides creating Amazon descriptions. Of course, these images can be used on any marketing channel – not just Pinterest.

Check out their guide for more on how to use Pinterest to get sales on Merch by Amazon.

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