Get this secret weapon to generate ideas for Merch by Amazon designs

Here’s another endorsement for the Merch Momentum newsletter, which we’ve mentioned previously. This endorsement comes from Chris Wilkey at FBA Master, who contributed to our previous experts’ roundup posts on How to Get Sales on Merch by Amazon and Unusual Tips for Getting Sales on Amazon Merch. He’s published a lot on Merch by Amazon recently and his posts are definitely worth reading.

Anyway, here’s what he had to say about the Merch Momentum newsletter.

This is a killer weekly newsletter that is created by Merch Momentum (by a guy named Michael Essany) and I have fallen in love.


If you can’t find $10/month worth of value, you aren’t looking hard enough. I have uploaded 100s of designs over the last week from some of the ideas I have seen. And there are thousands of ideas that I haven’t even touched.

Check out his full post for more about what’s included and why he thinks it so valuable in his post Struggling for Shirt Ideas? at FBA Master. If you’re a subscriber and have some great ideas for new designs for Merch by Amazon, check out our custom t-shirt design packs and we’ll create top-notch designs just for you. Of course, there’s no reason these ideas couldn’t be used on other print-on-demand platforms as well.

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