Get Started Creating Great T-Shirt Designs for Free – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​POD Weekly #48

POD Weekly #48

Get Started Creating Great T-Shirt Designs for Free


Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to make it easier for MRD members to get great looking designs quickly and easily with the addition of new features, tools, and pricing plans.

DesignJar, a do-it-yourself design tool, makes it easy for anyone to create great t-shirt designs in ready-to-upload files for any print-on-demand platform in minutes. Members have now created well over 1000 designs using DesignJar.

The MRD Marketplace features premade designs from vetted, experienced designers for when you need a design in a hurry or looking for someone else to come up with t-shirt design ideas.

While MRD members have had a chance to see these changes up close, non-members have only heard about the great new features. Today, we’re excited to introduce a free trial option for new members on our Basic Monthly plan.

Basic Monthly membership gives full access to both DesignJar and the MRD Marketplace. There’s no limit on the number of designs you can create, and DesignJar design files are always free. In the MRD Marketplace, as many designs as you’d like may be previewed and purchased during the the free trial.

Once the trial ends, membership will renew automatically at just $9 per month. With the option to create and source hundreds of great t-shirt designs each month, the per design cost can fall to almost nothing.


Start 7 Day Free Trial


For more info on how membership works, check our FAQs.

We’ve introduced many new features and tools to make it easier for members to get great t-shirt designs quickly and easily. Until now, only members had access. Now, anyone can try all our new features with a 7 day free trial. 




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Check out this digital art created with Artificial Intelligence that recently sold voer $432,000 in a Christie’s action

Art Made by a Robot Sells for the Price of a Decent-Sized Home
Kehl Bayern Light Stalking

“Auctioned off by famed house Christie’s in New York City, the AI-generated masterpiece blew away all pre-auction expectations according to Bloomberg.
Initial estimates placed the going-price for the piece at about $USD 7000-$USD 10,000. Of course, getting a final tag of $432k went well above these estimates and made the first-ever AI created-masterpiece not only a unique item at Christie’s, but also a big-ticket purchase as well.
Bloomberg writes that seven bidders engaged in a furious 43-minute struggle to win the art, likely contributing to the vastly inflated final price.”1




Learn how this artificial-intelligence powered artist collective works. Is this the future of art?

Obvious, explained. – Obvious – Medium

“Each portrait is a 70×70 cm artwork, with a golden wooden frame. It is almost similar to a portrait that you would see in a classical museum. The difference is, it was generated by an algorithm.We trained GANs on classical portraits and used super-resolution algorithms to produce this high-resolution painting.We chose the name “Belamy” to make a reference to the creator name of GANs, I. Goodfellow, that roughly translate to “Bel ami” in French. Also, as the signature, we wrote the formula of the loss function of the original GAN model:”2


Learn how to create print on demand products that will be a hit with Facebook groups

Do you run a large Facebook Group? Unlock this powerful revenue source!
Jonno KITE

“By combining the theme or topic of your group, with great products that people use often – you can monetise your audience in a way that’s seamless, unobtrusive and adds real value.
And by creating a print-on-demand merchandise range, you can eliminate many of the traditional headaches associated with selling merchandise. You can create your product range in a matter of minutes (as we’ll explore shortly) and all the actual ‘work’ of printing, fulfilling and shipping your order is done for you.”3


Printify has added new holiday specific items including stockings, Christmas tree skirts, ornaments, and more.

New Holiday Items Everyone Wants to Buy
Elina Jurkane Printify

“Great news! We have just released four new Holiday-themed items which will look great with custom design of your choice. We have also prepared a few useful tips on what colors to use when creating customized Holiday items which will win your customers’ hearts. Scroll down!”4


 Grab these free fonts – and upload them into MerchJar to create some great new designs quickly

21 Super Fresh Free Fonts for Graphic Designers
Muhammad Faisal Graphic Design Junction

“Beautiful free fresh fonts are here. Free download handwritten script fonts, brush fonts and vintage fonts for any graphic and web project. These fonts / typefaces are perfect for branding, logos, web, printing on flyers, posters, brochures, quotes, blog, advertisements, fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to appear classy and chic.”5


Learn about how BeeJay DeLong works with students with impairments to teach them graphic design in this MerchMinds podcast

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 102: Interview with BeeJay DeLong
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“BeeJay is a designer and illustrator who got into Merch by Amazon just this year. In his tenure on the platform, he’s quickly catching up to the Glen and Yong’s numbers. The most heartwarming thing about BeeJay is he’d taken his talent and teaching graphic design in Ohio. However, his students aren’t just regular students. His students are special and have impairments that affect their life activities.”6




Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

October – December  Holiday Shopping
Wed, October 31    Halloween
Sun, November 11    Veterans Day
Thu, November 22    Thanksgiving Day
Fri, November 23    Black Friday
Mon, November 26    Cyber Monday

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  7. Photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash

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