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The idea of making passive income on Merch by Amazon can be an exciting and intriguing prospect, but we’re the first to admit that the process can be a bit overwhelming to newcomers. To help, here’s our Guide To Merch By Amazon. 

Note: Originally published September 17, 2017. Updated June 06, 2018

What is Merch by Amazon? What is Amazon Merch?

  • Merch by Amazon, otherwise known as Amazon Merch, is a print-on-demand apparel platform from Amazon
  • Launched in late 2015, the platform has attracted a number of sellers and brands
  • Platform offers basic and premium tees, longsleeve tees, crewneck & hooded sweatshirts

For those who don’t know, Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s print-on-demand platform that was launched in late 2015 as an innovative platform designed to encourage the easy sale of branded t-shirts designed by you and produced, sold, and shipped by Amazon. Also referred to as Amazon Merch, it’s one of the fastest growing print-on-demand platforms for apparel, and it’s making some sellers some big money.

The first step to selling is to fill out an application. With so many designers and sellers interested in the platform, it has become an invite-only system where you’ll need to wait for Amazon to approve you as a new account. Once you have received your invitation and created your account, all you need to do is upload your design and wait a short turnaround period of time for Amazon to review and approve your design. After your design is approved, you will create a title and bullet points, select your blanks and colors, and price your products. Once a customer places an order, Amazon will print your order, ship it to the customer, and send you a royalty for every t-shirt sold. It’s as easy as that.

But is it too good to be true? Can the process really be that simple? Whether you’ve purchased the perfect t-shirt design here on MerchReadyDesigns or you’ve come up with your own, we’re here to give you a few tips to get you on the road to successful sales on Amazon. 


How Do You Make Money on Merch by Amazon?

Like other POD services, there is no need for inventory or overhead with Amazon Merch. There is no actual inventory until an order is placed. Amazon sets a base cost that includes the price of the blank tee shirt and the cost for printing. Amazon takes their fee then pays you a royalty for every shirt you sell, based upon the price of your product. The higher you price your designs, the higher the royalty will be. But the way to make real money on Amazon Merch is not to sell high-priced products—it’s to do volume.

Amazon also handles all aspects of customer service and fulfillment, so you’ll never have to waste time or money processing returns, answering customer emails, or shipping boxes. You can save time (and add value to your business) by focusing on design creation and product marketing through social media and other channels outside the Amazon platform.  


How do Merch by Amazon Tiers Work?

Amazon Merch sellers are grouped into different tiers. The more shirts you sell, the higher your tier will be. As a new seller on the platform, you’ll start at Tier 10, and you can begin by uploading 10 designs. Once you sell 10 products, you’ll move up to Tier 25. Sell 25 more designs and you’ll be moved up to Tier 100, and so on. The more products you are eligible to upload, the more sales you’re likely to make, which means more revenue in your pocket.


How to Get Sales

As a seller on Amazon Merch, you’ll have access to the ecommerce giant’s ever-growing customer base, and all of your products (no matter how few or how many you sell) will be available for Prime Shipping in the US. But you’ll need to draw customers to your products in order to get any sales at all. Read on to learn everything you need to know about creating great designs, reaching your audience, and marketing your products online.

Make Sure You Have a Great Design

A low-resolution, low-quality design is not likely to do well in a market where the buyer has the entirety of the internet at their fingertips.  The chosen design on your t-shirt is going to be a key in determining whether you will make sales on Merch by Amazon. 

As we mentioned, each design submitted to Amazon goes through a review process. There are various reasons your design may not be approved in this review. For example, your design must be original. If your design is in violation of a copyright, it won’t be approved. Secondly, Merch by Amazon will not accept designs that are under 300 DPI and 15 x 18 inches in size. A high-quality image is important to ensure that the printing process goes swiftly and that the finished product looks great.

Capture Your Audience in the Title & Description

While your design may have the perfect look, there’s more to success than aesthetics. If you want people to purchase your tee, they have to be able to find it. Amazon has thousands of products and without specificity, your buyers will miss what you have to offer.

Remember that the words you choose will direct the traffic to your design. When you’re writing the title and the description to accompany your design, make sure you’re writing with the eye of the audience. Ask yourself what the ideal buyer would be searching for, what keywords they would use, and what sort of description would appeal to them. A good way to start crafting your text is to check out other t-shirt designs in the same genre as yours and analyze what they’re writing in their titles and descriptions to ensure success.

Keywords are Key

It’s extremely important to make use of strong keywords in your title, bullet points, and descriptions. The title should include keywords that relate to the genre, style, and audience the t-shirt is intended for. The bullets should also include keywords—use as many as possible to describe who would wear the shirt, where it could be worn, and what occasion it would be good for. The more keywords you use, the more likely you are to be found by the audience you wish to target.

Merch by Amazon puts a limit on the number of characters you can use in your title and bullets, so use the description field as the place to describe the tee in length. As with the title and bullet, your description should naturally include keywords. Don’t just jam keywords in without proper structure–make sure the description is well-written and that the keywords are incorporated naturally.

In order to find the best keywords, there are a variety of online tools that you can use, such as Merch InformerMerchant, and the Google Keyword Planner. These are valuable resources for anyone who wants to maximize their exposure and have their products found on Amazon.

If writing simply isn’t your thing or you don’t have the time to do keyword research on your own, MerchReadyDesigns has professional copywriters on staff to do it for you. You may have the greatest t-shirt in the world, but if you don’t have strong copy, your potential customers may never find your design.


How MerchReadyDesigns Can Help

We’re sellers on Amazon ourselves, so we know the business inside and out. We cater to the needs of fellow Merch sellers, and we provide an array of unique services to help you build, maintain, and grow your business. In terms of artwork, our services include premade designs for Amazon Merchcustom t-shirt design packs and our own t-shirt design tool.

To help you grow your business and see real results, we also handle copywriting for MerchByAmazon listings, and we offer print-on-demand consulting services to help with all aspects of your business.

Our creative team makes it easy to grow and sustain your Merch by Amazon business. Our design, copywriting, and consulting services are ideal for new sellers to the platform as well as experienced sellers in higher tiers looking to upload dozens or hundreds of new products all the time.


Go Beyond Amazon

Once your designs are up for sale on Amazon, it’s time to go above and beyond with your marketing techniques. Anyone looking to bring success to their Merch by Amazon account should definitely be utilizing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Crafting a good social media presence takes time, so don’t be discouraged by a slow start. While it takes patience, getting your brand out there on social media is as easy as knowing your audience, posting quality content, and using the right hashtags to draw attention.

When making posts on social media, be sure that you’re using images and content that will reach your target audience, are relevant to your brand, and are interesting enough to make people click through to your profile. Hashtags, for example, enable users to search specific content throughout the website and can be added to your post to draw people to your profile. Consider following users who post the hashtags related to your designs, as they’ll receive a notification that you’ve followed them and will often click through to your profile to get a look at your designs. For an extra push, consider spending a few extra dollars to use Facebook and Instagram’s advertising features.

Above all, make sure that your profile page description contains a link to your Amazon brand page – or listings. Additionally, your posts should include captions with convenient links to purchase your products. Try using a website like to customize and shorten your links.


Use Designs on Other POD Platforms

In addition to Merch by Amazon, MerchReadyDesigns custom design packs and stocked designs can also be used on a number of other print-on-demand platforms, such as Printful, TeeSpring, and RedBubble. Utilizing an additional POD platform is a great way for new sellers to get sales and exposure while waiting for their  invitation. It’s also a smart option for Merch sellers looking to establish a brand voice and enjoy a direct connection to specific customers outside the Amazon platform. Designs from MerchReadyDesigns can be sold on Amazon at the same time they are being sold on other print-on-demand platforms.


Keep Up To Date with the MerchReadyDesigns blog

Our blog posts include valuable information to help you keep up with the latest news and tips for success on Amazon Merch. Offering information on everything from how to use Pinterest to boost your Amazon sales to what you can do if a design gets rejected, our blog is constantly updated with the most important tips, tricks, info, and strategies for Merch by Amazon sellers. Whether you’re a brand new seller or a seasoned Merch expert, our blog is the go-to source for print-on-demand information.


Merch by Amazon Takes Time & Effort

Merch by Amazon isn’t going to work overnight; it can be a long and arduous process. If you consistently work at it, you can make selling on Amazon work for you.

Photo by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash


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