How to bulk upload designs to Merch by Amazon?

As sellers move up tiers in Merch by Amazon, the number of designs that can be uploaded in a day typically rises in conjunction. (The only exceptions we’ve witnessed have come at times of “throttling” across the entire platform such as during the holidays this past year.) Once the limit gets raised, many sellers start looking into how to bulk upload designs to Merch by Amazon.

Once a seller hits the 500 design tier, the number of daily uploads is typically raised to 25. Without any type of bulk import or creating method within the Amazon Merch platform, it can become fairly time consuming to maximize uploads each day. The problem only becomes further exasperated at higher levels, when the daily upload limits may be 50 or more designs per day.

Of course, there’s no requirement that says all slots must be used. In many cases, sellers would be better off uploading fewer designs and making sure those designs are excellent and the listings are well optimized with great copywriting for Merch by Amazon.

However, there are cases when sellers want to maximize their uploads. It may be an effort to use a handful of designs across each of the 5 products currently available (standard tees, premium tees, longsleeve tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies). In some cases, there may be a slight variation to a design, such as a birth year, zip code, or other information that helps to personalize a design.

Regardless of the reason, there currently are limited options for bulk upload designs to Merch by Amazon. Neil Lassen, a big-time Merch seller, wrote in a recent comment that his girlfriend manually uploads designs each day without any tools. On the Merch by Amazon FAQ page, there is a question regarding the use of scripting to upload designs, with a very succinct answer:

Does Merch by Amazon allow scripting for bulk upload of designs?

Of course, that hasn’t completely stopped sellers from developing scripts. In a thread on Reddit, there is a Python script mentioned that intends to mimic how a human would upload a design in order to escape Amazon’s surveillance. The script author warns not to use it if you are concerned, which I would be considering Amazon’s blunt answer regarding the usage of scripts.

In a grayer area, there are 3 Chrome extensions, which we covered in our Merch by Amazon resources post, mentioned that can assist with uploads. These help with filling in text and some even help pre-select colors and set pricing via the use of a text file. They don’t automate the entire process, as the design must be uploaded manually and each page of the submission process must be submitted by manually clicking. It would seem these would not be a violation of Amazon’s terms, though we cannot say definitively.

Other options include using an assistant, which is against terms and has lead to account suspensions in some situations. Lastly, there’s a desktop app available for Mac named MerchUploader. While much of the process is handled in the app, the final upload process makes use of script in the Firefox browser, which means this breaks terms as well.

If you are looking bulk upload designs to Merch by Amazon, our recommendation is to stay away from scripts, as they put your account at risk. Chrome extensions appear to be acceptable from our viewpoint, though there’s no official word from Amazon. We’ll reach out to ask and will update if/when we receive more info.

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  • Shannon

    Hi mrd!

    Love your site and what you’re doing over here!

    I wanted to let you know that Merch Along has a chrome extension that assists with automatically uploading individual (not bulk) designs to Merch by Amazon, Teepublic, Spreadshirt and Threadless (more platforms on the way).

    That’s just one of the cool things we, *ahem*, they do, they also help with organizing your research and creating content much faster than ever before. You can even add your team members (managers, content writers, researchers, designers) and keep track of what everyone is doing. Check us, *ahem* them out!

    Thanks for helping out the Merch community.


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