How to Create Designs for Merch By Amazon in 3 Minutes Using DesignJar

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How to Create Designs for Merch By Amazon in 3 Minutes Using DesignJar


Recently, we’ve received a handful of questions from Merch by Amazon sellers about how to use our merch designer tool, DesignJar. We’ve created a quick video showing how to create designs for Merch By Amazon – in under 4 minutes – using Design Tool.

With Christmas right around the corner, we created a Christmas design with the text “Santa is Coming”. The video recording begins with the first step of logging into DesignJar, then goes through the process of selecting a product, changing the colors, selecting a template, customizing text and art, and adding a distressing overlay. The final step shows how to export a file that meets all of Merch by Amazon’s specification for t-shirts.

Here’s a few additional notes to help get the most out of DesignJar:

  • If you want a design file for sweatshirts, just change the “paper size” to 4050x4500px to meet Amazon’s requirements.
  • This video is specifically showing how to create designs for Merch by Amazon using DesignJar, but these files can be used on nearly any print-on-demand platform.
  • Save designs to your account by going to File > Save to My Designs. You can these use them as templates or make adjustments later.
  • Export design files by going to File > Save as File. These can be imported later from File > Import.

SUMMARY: While we’ve worked to make it easy to use with in-app help guides, it’s often a whole lot easier to learn how to use a tool by seeing someone using it.  With that in mind, we created this screen recording (using Wistia) showing how to create designs for Merch by Amazon quickly.


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How to do SEO for print-on-demand. Remember “overall goal of a search engine is to offer the best experience for users.”

6 SEO ‘Easy Wins’ for your Print-on-Demand Store
Jonno KITE

The key thing to remember is that the overall goal of a search engine is to offer the best search experience for their users. That’s it. If they aren’t doing that then they aren’t doing their job properly and, like any business, they won’t hit their targets, they’ll lose profit, and ultimately fail.
So it is super important to search engines that they show users the most helpful results. To do this they need to correctly interpret search intent to understand exactly what people are searching for, and then deliver the most comprehensive, accurate result to meet that intent. Here’s an example:1



We know you’ve been waiting for this: The Pantone color of the year is…

Pantone Color of the Year – Living Coral
Jen Redbubble Blog





Here’s Neil Patel’s “secret playbook” with hacks to grow traffic and sales.

My Secret Playbook: 28 Hacks Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic and Sales
Neil Patel Neil Patel

I know some of the hacks I mentioned above seem simple, but they work. And if I had to bet you a dollar, you don’t do most of those “simple” hacks.
No matter what vertical you are marketing in, it’s competitive. You aren’t going to find one hack that’ll drastically increase your traffic. You’ll find that you need to do a lot of little things.
But don’t take them for granted because all of those little things add up to a massive amount of traffic over time.
What other hacks do you leverage to increase traffic and sales?3




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Tue, December 25    Christmas
Mon, December 31    New Year’s Eve
Tue, January 1    New Year’s Day
Thu, February 1    Black History Month
Fri, February 2    Groundhog Day
Wed, February 14    Valentine’s Day

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