Insights from selling over $2 million of print-on-demand products

In a recent Reddit post, user RonaldioMcDonaldio, answered questions about selling over $2 million worth of print-on-demand products in an AMA-style post titled I’ve sold over $2,000,000 of print on demand products. Any questions?

Surprisingly, he says he has no experience with Merch by Amazon and instead utilizes other print-on-demand platforms, specifically citing Shopify, though he also mentions TeeSpring as an option in response to a question.

Rather than counting on organic traffic as many Mercy by Amazon sellers do, he works to actively drive traffic to his listings via Facebook Ads, as he states in this answer:

Q. What type of designs do you sell? Which advertising platform are you using? How long did it take you to reach $2000000?

Unique slogan based. Think “weekend forecast with a chance of camping”. Easy to target when focusing in on the niche.

Facebook ads. By far an away the best for ecommerce. Some businesses can do very well on Insta if they have awesome photography.

2 years. It’s probably closer to 3 mill. Can’t access one of our accounts where we sold over 30,000 (I think, few years ago, can’t remember exact figure) shirts in Europe.

He gives an example of one of his stores. Though not as successful as the sales he reports from his stores, he still reached $10k per monthly relatively fast:

Q. How long did it take before you started making profits?

Fairly quick. My second store took off within days. I had worked on a store previously for about a month setting everything up. That store is Sold maybe 10k worth of stuff in the first month.

My second was much bigger, much faster. I did have experience selling on Teespring with Facebook ads previously, so I had that in my favour.

I have seen people making money within 6 weeks. If you can stick to rules and just get in and do what needs to be done you can kill it really quickly.

The author of the post also has a blog at Check it out for more info on his process. We’ve added this to our best of Merch by Amazon Reddit posts list.

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