IP address irregularities lead to Merch by Amazon suspension

Well known podcaster and Merch by Amazon seller Glen, of the Merch Minds podcast, had his account suspended earlier this year, as he discussed in Episode 069. On the podcast, he was open about the suspension, which occurred roughly a month earlier and surmised it may have been due to an IP address issue.

(By the way, knowing this now, it’s impressive he went about podcasting as usual about Amazon Merch while his account was suspended!)

Anyway, the Glen and Yong acknowledged that they can’t be certain about the reason for the suspension, but there’s reason to believe it had something to do with IP addresses. From the brief intro to their podcast:

So what happened? Glen received an email from Amazon asking questions about his IP address. There was a list about five to six questions. After Glen and Yong reviewed the questions, they concluded that

As mentioned, they can’t be sure of the reason for the account suspension:

There is no way to be certain why Glen’s account was suspended because Amazon is always vague in their emails. The one thing we can learn is that Amazon has full control of everyone’s account. While the boys are grateful for the opportunity, they wish Amazon was more explicit about what mistakes were made so they can learn from it.

We’ve discussed previously that it would be helpful for Amazon to provide more info about problems when designs are rejected by Amazon Merch. so that sellers know how to stay in the clear. It’s much harder to do so when policies are unclear.

In our own experience, IP addresses caused problems with our account when attempting to have someone in New York upload designs to our account, shortly after logging into the account from my office in California. When attempting to login, the person in New York was given a security requirement to enter a text sent to my phone number, with the text expiring shortly. Rather than fight it, we now upload from our office – unless on the road.

There’s no reason to think that two people accessing an account makes is fraudulent. Hopefully, Merch by Amazon introduces access to multiple logins for each account soon.

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