List Custom Design Services

Sell custom design services to buyers looking for designs for print-on-demand merchandise.

Specify the types of designs, name your price, the number of designs, and showcase examples for your work.

To list a custom design service:

  • Add a new product
  • Under General:
    • TITLE: Add a brief description about your listing including the intended product, number of designs, and platform
    • PRICE: Enter a price for the service being offered. This is a total price, not per design.
    • DESCRIPTION: Specify exactly what you are offering and what a buyer should expect. A few things to consider:
      • Intended product
      • Dimensions
      • Print-on-demand platform
      • Number of designs
      • Turnaround time
      • Revision policy
      • NOTE: Not each of these must be specified ahead of time. If you are open to buyer’s requirements, let that be known in the description. Clarify upfront helps prevent most problems down the road. 
    • FEATURED IMAGE & GALLERY: Upload your choice of featured image, along with samples of your work to entice buyers to choose your custom design services.
  • Review entries and click submit.
  • Listing will be reviewed before being made live on the MRD Marketplace.