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There’s no doubt that Merch by Amazon has gotten more crowded as more sellers have been approved. With more competition, it’s become tougher to get your custom t-shirt designs found in organic search results without any local Merch strategy.

Instead of relying on organic searches, expert seller Mike Gual developed the “local merch strategy” where he sells services to local businesses to help them get setup with print on demand tees. He earns both initial consultation fees and recurring revenues from each shirt sale.

We listened to a number of podcasts featuring Mike, did our own brainstorming around local Merch strategy, and created a guide to help you get started right away.

Learn more in our Local Merch Strategy Guide: Help Small Businesses & Earn Recurring Revenue.




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— On the Merch Minds’ podcast, the guys discuss how much more saturated Merch by Amazon has become with sellers – and what they are doing about it.

“he’s finding that it’s getting harder to scale as more people are being approved for Merch”

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 089: The Catchup Episode
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“While he won’t give up on Merch he discusses how he will focus more on how to drive traffic to his listings. Creating an affiliate website is one of the ways he’s planning on driving traffic to his shirts. He also talks about how he will revamp his Etsy store since he has more control over it.”1


— Whether selling on Merch by Amazon, KITE, or another platform, Pinterest can be very effective in driving traffic. Check out this guide from KITE. 

“Pinterest doesn’t just create that buying mentality, it attracts the consumers with the money to make it happen”

The Kite Print-on-Demand Marketing Guide for Pinterest
Jonno KITE

“Pinterest has over 200 million monthly active users and it’s not just for bride-to-bes and new expectant mothers, as the perception often goes!
Although, it is still dominated by females, with a staggering 45% of all online females being Pinterest users.
With 50 billion+ ‘pins’ pinned and over 1 billion+ active ‘boards’, the sheer volume speaks, well, volumes!
Here’s a stat for all you print-on demand merchants: 2 million Pinterest users save shopping pins on their boards daily!”2


— The blog, Art of Manliness, is offering 1000s of illustrations as posters, in a great example of using print-on-demand effectively.

Here’s a real world example of how #printondemand can help offer 1000s of products with no inventory

Like Our Illustrated Guides? Get One as a Poster!
Brett & Kate McKay The Art of Manliness

“Print-on-demand means exactly that. Whenever you place an order for a poster, Printful prints the poster and ships it to you. I don’t hold any inventory in our warehouse. Print-on-demand will allow us to make all of our illustrated guides available for purchase as a print.
Another nice thing about print-on-demand is that you can buy an illustrated guide print in multiple sizes or the size you prefer. You’re not stuck with only a single option. “3

— Here’s a collection of 30 line art illustrations for some design inspiration

design inspiration featuring “a fresh showcase of vector line art illustrations from a range of talented artists”

30 Vector Line Art Illustrations with Detailed Patterns & Geometric Shapes
Chris Spooner Spoon Graphics

“See how detailed illustrations, patterns and shapes can be created using only stroked paths.”4


— More design inspiration in this set of vintage style tees

Here’s some design inspiration in a set of tees from JuanBarrera

Heritage T-Shirt Series
JuanBarrera Dribbble / typography



Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Sat, August 4    Coast Guard Birthday
Wed, August 8    International Cat Day
Mon, August 13    Left-Handers Day
Sun, August 26    National Dog Day
Sun, August 26    Women’s Equality Day
Mon, September 3    Labor Day
Sun, September 9    National Grandparents Day
Sun, September 16    Wife Appreciation Day
Sun, September 23    September equinox
Mon, October 1    International Coffee Day
Wed, October 10    World Mental Health Day
Wed, October 31    Halloween
Sun, November 11    Veterans Day

Bold entries are new since last week

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