Is Merch by Amazon passive income?

On the latest episode of the Merch Minds podcast, Glen and Yong discuss whether a Merch by Amazon business can really be considered passive. Their opinions come down on either side:

By definition, passive income is when you do all the necessary work up front resulting in cash flow on a regular basis. Glen argues that Merch is the closest thing to passive income. However, Yong strongly believes that you have to constantly work on your Merch account.

However, the argument may be more about semantics than anything, as they seem to agree that a Merch by Amazon business requires effort.

Merch by Amazon is not hard labor, but it does require effort. Whether you are a designer or not Merch can bring in a nice income stream. Regardless of whether you believe Merch by Amazon is passive income or not let the boys know what your thoughts are.

All types of ecommerce have some level of passivity to them, in that sales can be made without direct effort from a person at the time of the sale. As anyone with ecommerce experience knows, there’s a lot of effort that went into everything leading to that sale.

Print-on-demand platforms, like Merch by Amazon, make things even more passive, as they take care of all production, fulfillment and customer service. Of course, this is true for everyone on the Merch by Amazon platform. The top sellers are using the time not spent doing those tasks to do more research, find new marketing channels, etc. Sales happen without direct effort, but they’ll likely wane if your account is given absolutely no attention. In that sense, Merch by Amazon is not entirely passive. Yet again, what is?

Give the podcast a listen at Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 067: Is Merch by Amazon Passive Income?

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