Merch by Amazon print-on-demand pricing

Merch by Amazon print-on-demand pricing recently increased on January 15, 2018. Amazon cited increased “increase in the costs to support Merch, including storage, fulfillment, transportation, raw materials, customer service, and the resources required to detect and prevent fraud.”

With Merch by Amazon, sellers are able to set prices at any price over the minimum cost. Merchants could potentially set very high prices, if there is enough demand for the designs. When an item is sold, Amazon retains the original cost plus a percentage of the total sale, which means that you only see about 75% of each incremental dollar added to the price.

Based on the updated Merch by Amazon pricing from January 15, 2018, here’s a guide to the current Amazon print-on-demand pricing for various product types including standard t-shirts,

Merch by Amazon print-on-demand pricing

This table shows the royalties earned based on sales at each sales price on the Merch by Amazon platform

Standard T-Shirt Examples

List price$15.99$17.99$19.99$21.99$23.99$25.99


Premium T-Shirt Examples

List price$16.49$18.49$21.49$23.49$25.49$25.99

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Examples

List price$22.99$24.99$26.99$28.99$30.99$32.99

Pullover Hoodie Examples

List price$37.99$39.99$41.99$43.99$45.99$47.99

Sweatshirt Examples

List price$32.99$34.99$36.99$38.99$40.99$42.99

Additional costs will be incurred for 2-sided printing as well as using a premium brand t-shirt

2-sided printing+$4.00
Using premium brand t-shirts+$1.50


There’s more info on Amazon print-on-demand pricing available in the Merch by Amazon resources section. They don’t specify the actual costs, which is a little odd, but they give the examples above to show the royalties that can be earned based on sales at each list price. Sellers are not limited to the prices shown here; they can be set at any price in-between these or lower or higher.

Many sellers experiment with changing prices of their listings. One popular Merch by Amazon sales tactic is to price shirts at very low prices initially then, increase the price gradually as the sales rank climbs. While Amazon takes a cut of that additional revenue, it also means more for you for each sale.

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