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Selling on Merch by Amazon doesn’t require any specific set of tools, but there are a number of Merch by Amazon resources and tools out there. Some are specifically designed for Merch by Amazon, while others are more general tools that be used on Amazon’s print-on-demand platform. The number of tools is nowhere close to what’s available for selling on Amazon Seller Central (FBA), though the number is sure to grow as the Merch platform gains wider adoption.

To help our members, and all Merch sellers, we’ve put together a list of Merch by Amazon resources and tools below. Each includes a brief summary. This isn’t a final list, as we’re sure we missed some great existing tools, and many more tools are likely to come. Leave a comment below if you have an addition!

Updated June 12, 2018
Originally published October 12, 2017

15 Merch by Amazon Resources

  • Merch Informer [Web App] [Free trial, subscription $20-$60/mo]
    Probably the most widely-used dedicated Merch by Amazon tool. The founder, Neil Lassen, is a very successful Merch seller, and definitely knows what it takes to be successful on Merch by Amazon. Consisting of multiple modules, this subscription-based tool will help you see top Merch sellers, research niches for viability, track products and keywords, do keyword research, get notifications of trademark infringements, and help make sure your listing is fully optimized. There are new & improved features regularly so there’s probably something left out here. Anyway, it’s the most comprehensive tool for Merch by Amazon that we’ve come across.
  • MerchTools [Chrome Extension] [Free]
    This Google Chrome browser extension gets great reviews (31 reviews, 5 stars as of Oct 24, 2017) and has a number of features.Handy collection of Merch by amazon shortcuts and automated market research tools : researching niche keywords and studying the market never been so convenient .
    -Notifications on new sales , cancellations and Merch Account Logout !
    -QuickEditor for fast editing with search .
    -Shows Days Left Before Deletion .
    -Lists All your ASINs so you can import them to your store (shopify / woocommerce ) .
    -Sales Chart For the Past 14 days.
    -Monthly growth charts.
    -Today’s Sales with quick edit.
    -Support Group
  • PrettyMerch [Chrome Extension] [Free]
    While this is a Chrome Extension, you’ll actually see it directly in your Merch by Amazon account. After setup and upon logging in, you’ll see the PrettyDash instead of the default Dashboard. It’s a big improvement on the default dashboard, both in terms of information and visual presentation. As of Oct 25, 2017, it’s go 32 reviews, 5 star average.
  • Merch Analyze [Chrome Extension] [Free]
    Get a better look at your sales over any period directly in your Merch by Amazon account. Plus, on any page, you can highlight words and right click to have Merch Anayze check for Merch listings on Amazon. 3.4 stars with 31 reviews as of Oct 25, 2017.
  • Merch Alerts [Chrome Extension] [Free] – Gives alerts and stats at glance. Besides just raw numbers, this includes a comparison to previous period. As of Oct 25, 2017, 14 reviews with 4.93 stars.
  • Merch Police Infringement for Amazon [Chome Extension] [Free]
    If you regularly need to contact Amazon about other sellers infringing on your designs, this will help you save a lot of time. From any listing page, just right click to get started filling out the infringement form. You can also search to find other potential infringing listings with a couple clicks.
  • MerchReports [Downloaded App] [$15]
    Run this directly on your computer, whether you’re on Windows or Mac OS, and get detail stats that help you understand which designs sell best, what sizes/colors/gender are most popular, when your designs sell, and more. Only requires a one time fee.
  • MerchantWords [Web App] [$30-$60 per month]
    Although not specific to Merch by Amazon, this tool can be very helpful for keyword research. They have accumulated data on Amazon searches since 2012. They provide a “keyword research tool to help you find, choose and use the best keywords to sell more products.”
  • Hi-Res Image Downloader for Merch By Amazon [Chrome Extension] [Free]
    Use this extension to download full size images from Amazon product pages. Helpful if you want to use images in marketing materials.
  • Merch Check [Chrome Extension] [$25]
    This extension makes it possible to do a copyright infringement search directly from any page without opening a new tab. Requires only a one time payment.
  • Merch Text – [Chrome Extension] [Name your price]
    If you’re uploading many designs that use some of the same text (brand names, bullet points, descriptions), this tool will save a lot of time. Just create a template, then use keyboard shortcuts to insert text.
  • Merch By Amazon Analytics – [Chrome Extension] [Free]
    As the name suggests, this extension helps you see and understand your sales data in ways not built-in to Merch by Amazon. Additionally, it will also help upload text.
  • Merch by Amazon Reddit threads
    Here’s a roundup of some of the most helpful Reddit threads about Merch by Amazon that we could find
  • MerchAlong [Chrome Extension] [Free – $50/month]
    The Merch Along auto-uploader is a Chrome extension that assists you with uploading to different Print-on-Demand websites. Save time and make more money by clicking one button to upload to different platforms.

    Spend more time doing the things you actually love doing.

  • Merch Buddy [Chome Extension] [$30]
    Create Multiple Listings for the same design up to 87% Faster
    No more individual Copying and Pasting of Titles, bullet points etc.
    No more manually changing the Product Type in the Title, Brand name ect.

Know of other Merch by Amazon resources like these apps and extensions that should be on our list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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