Merch Momentum Weekly Strategy Guide for Merch by Amazon

Just came across this via the Merch Minds podcast  Episode 066: Interview with Michael Essany from Merch Momentum .

This week Michael Essany from Merch Momentum stops by to talk to Glen and Yong. Michael shares his journey into Merch, but he also discusses his new weekly Merch Momentum Monday Strategy Guide.

Michael goes in-depth on his own best-selling niches, but he also shares niches you could have never even thought of. Every week you get over 15-plus pages of Michael’s insight of the Merch business. In fact, Yong is so certain that you will find value in the guide that he is doing something no one else dares. He is personally putting up his own ten dollars that you will find value in Michael Essany’s strategy guide.

Sounds like a great way to come up with designs if you’re just getting started or struggling fill all of your empty slots. Here’s a link to the Merch Momentum strategy guide.

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