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Search Merch by Amazon listings with our free Merch Search tool. Enter any keyword phrase below and the use the dropdown to select a product type to get started with your Merch by Amazon research. In a new window, you’ll get an Amazon search results page with listings limited to those created using the Amazon Merch platform.

By default, searches on Amazon will include results from all platforms, which typically includes non-Merch shirts, either using Amazon FBA or seller-fulfillment. While those can be helpful for ideas, these shirts often present challenges for Merch by Amazon sellers. Many are from brands with material that is copyrighted. Others include text that may get by Amazon’s filters when using Seller Central, but won’t get by Merch’s more stringent filters.

In-Depth Merch by Amazon Research

For more in-depth Merch by Amazon research tools, we have written very positively about Merch Informer in the past and continue to believe it’s the best app dedicated to Merch by Amazon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we recommend taking advantage of their free trial offer (non-affiliate link, if preferred).

Custom Designs

After using the Merch Search tool for your Merch by Amazon research, check out our custom design services to order a bulk pack of designs. We can help with all types of custom designs, including generating ideas to fit a general niche or creating designs to fir your exact specifications. All design packs include free revisions.

Merch Search Improvments

We’re looking for ways to improve our research tool, including offering results from other sites. If you have any suggestions, get in touch. If we use your idea, you’ll each design credits.


Note: The Merch Search tool is a research tool to generate ideas for new designs. All of your designs should be original designs. Look at existing listings for inspiration and ways to alter and improve with your own designs. Do not make exact copies.

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