MRD October 2017 Updates

We’ve made a few updates and added some new features to our site recently, both for members and non-members. (By the way, if you haven’t joined yet, be sure to check out our all new membership plans, which now include monthly credits to be used on designs & product copy plus perpetual discounts on all Pro Plans).

  • [UPDATE] Our Guide to Selling on Merch by Amazon has been updated. There’s some new new content and we cleaned a couple of sections that were causing some confusion. Whether you’re getting started or have been at it for a little while, it’s well worth a quick read to see if you’ve overlooked anything.
  • [NEW FEATURE] All stocked shirt designs now include the option to make minor edits. This includes changes to colors, positioning, wording and sizing. Just make a few notes before purchasing and we’ll send you the updated file within a few days. Plus, if it’s a mistake we should have fixed, we’ll happily refund the fee.
  • [NEW FEATURE] By member request, we’ve added the option to purchase only bullet point copy writing (in addition to title/bullet points and title/bullet points/description) when purchasing any stocked design. The product page layout has been reformatted as well so this option takes up a bit less space on the product page.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Along the sidebar of the category pages in our shop, you’ll now find a list of product tags. They’re meant to help you find designs by theme faster than by browsing through all designs. The idea is based feedback from a member who requested that the designs be better organized. We’re not sure if this is the optimal solution and we’d like to hear what you think.

We have a list of new ideas in the works and we’re always open to suggestions. If there’s something you think we can improve, or something in particular that you’re struggling with on Merch by Amazon, leave a comment below and let us know!


2 replies on “MRD October 2017 Updates

  • Lizzie Williams

    Hey Guys!

    Just want to say “Thank-you” for your open-mindedness and for listening to your members’ suggestions. I can see that you enjoy what you’re doing, that you care about your members, and that you’re not just in it for the bucks.

    Even though I’m still on Merch’s waiting list, I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the Basic Member Plan. I’ve sold a couple of designs (for a throw pillow and iPhone case) on Society6 and have recently joined Zazzle. I’m sure I’ll be able to use some of your designs on those platforms.

    Again, thanks for all you do. Now, let me get over there and sign up before my promotion code expires!

    • MerchReadyDesigns

      Appreciate your comment. We definitely care about our members – and try to do everything we can to provide a great service. Glad to have you join!


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