New plans at Merch Informer

MerchInformer is introducing new plans, as Amazon continues to expand the Merch by Amazon platform. Check out the new plans on their site. Merch Informer is a great tool to use for researching design ideas (perfect for use with our custom print-on-demand design packs!).

Merch by Amazon has been expanding their support team, building new printing facilities, offering multiple products to sell your designs on, and that is just the begining! There is more coming to the Merch platform that is revolutionizing the print on demand industry.

There are going to be many people that disagree with this, but the fact remains that if you have great designs in researched niches that are proven to have buyers intent, you really cannot lose! As long as you can find out where customers are pulling out their wallets and spending money, you can sell them your designs in many different forms (shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies!).

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