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Weekly POD Update


Something we’ve noticed recently is the number of non-apparel businesses using print-on-demand platforms. POD is great for those companies since there is no inventory, no fulfillment, and they likely an existing fan/customer base.

Plus, it gives them a potential new revenue stream and two opportunities for increased brand exposure (via the shirt listings and the shirts being worn).

We recently posted a list of popular brands using Merch by Amazon – and it’s not just big brands. Check out the two Merch Minds podcast episodes at the end of the links for ideas of how to approach smaller businesses and brands to help them get started with print-on-demand.





“The new platform will allow brands to work with carefully vetted designers and manufacturers”

Amazon unveils Merch Collab new platform for brand licensing | blooloop

“Amazon unveils Merch Collab, a new platform for licensing which will make it easier and quicker for brands to reach Amazon’s 300 million customers.”



“Printful stands out compared to other alternatives that are lacking in fast shipping and quality products”

Printful Review: Higher Quality Printing and Dropshipping
Joe Warnimont Ecommerce Platforms

“Printful stands out compared to other alternatives that are lacking in fast shipping and quality products”



Free assets “This collection of textures contains 24 files, 12 dirt textures in JPG format and 12 dirt textures in PNG format”

24 Free Dirt Textures in High Resolution JPG & PNG Format
Chris Spooner Spoon Graphics

“24 Dirt Textures are created taken layers upon layers of road grime from long motorway journeys, processed into high resolution JPG textures and PNG files with transparent backgrounds”



“In total, the family says they’ve made nearly $250,000 through #MerchByAmazon ”

Las Vegas family makes nearly $250000 selling T-shirt designs on Amazon


Original story on #DistrictofClothing from March 2017. @Printful just published on their success!

How to Make an Extra $29K per Year With Your Side Project: The Story of District of Clothing
Blog – Printful

“Find the social media channels where your audience hangs out
Use marketing to tell your story and engage with your customers
Be an active community member and engage in offline marketing
Continuously test new products, and keep those that are selling”


“Think long-term in terms of your content management and strategy. And remember, it’s not all about the product. Focus on the human factor.”

How to Ride the Waves of a Growing Business: The Story of District of Clothing pt. II
Giedrė Šulčinskaitė Blog – Printful

““Continue building your brand and engaging with your loyal customers – you will get there. It’s just a matter of celebrating the small victories, being OK with failing, and accepting those failures because you’re going to learn from them. Forget perfectionism, fail fast, and just keep moving forward.””



“a good strategy for smaller players like them would be to approach small vendors”

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 081: Live and Direct from Las Vegas
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“a good strategy for smaller players like them would be to approach small vendors”


and here’s a post #LicensingExpo episode of the #podcast

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 082: Recap of the Licensing Expo 2018
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“Amazon gave a keynote presentation on Tuesday morning and they introduced Merch Collab. What exactly is Merch Collab? It’s an opportunity for REAL graphic designers to collaborate with influencers such as Shane Dawson, Rick & Morty, Crossfit and more. As a designer, you submit a design and the influencers will accept or deny them to be sold on Amazon.”



Useful for generating trending design ideas
  • Fri, June 1    National Donut Day
  • Wed, June 6    D-Day
  • Fri, June 8     Best Friends Day
  • Thu, June 14    Flag Day
  • Sun, June 17    Father’s Day
  • Tue, June 19    Juneteenth
  • Wed, July 4    Independence Day
  • Sun, July 15    National Ice Cream Day
  • Sun, July 22    Parents’ Day
If you’re looking for shirts for a specific event or holiday, consider a custom design pack.


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