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As mentioned last week, we’ve got a big update on the way for sellers looking to create great looking to create custom designs quickly and easily.

If you’re interested in getting an early preview, sign up at the link below.

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Each week, we share content from a variety of sources intended to help print-on-demand sellers. Get even more links by following us on Facebook or Twitter


— Here’s a good read on how to use social media marketing to gain customers for a new print-on-demand business. 

“For brands who know how to engage their followers and build an audience, it’s easier to hit the floor running to generate sales.”

How to Combine Smart Social Media Marketing With Great On Demand Production
Frank Jackson SumAll

“For brands who know how to engage their followers and build an audience, it’s easier to hit the floor running to generate sales. Here are 4 great ways you can leverage on demand products through your social media channels.=”1


— Print-on-demand provides scalability beyond that of any business where you need to handle inventory. Joanna Penn discusses adding it to her diverse stream of incomes

“only print-on-demand because I like the digital scalability. I don’t want to do stuff I have to put in boxes.”

Diversifying your Income as a Creator. Interview with Joanna Penn on Creative Funding
joanna@TheCreativePenn.com (Joanna Penn) The Creative Penn

““Okay. So I need to do only print-on-demand because I like the digital scalability. I don’t want to do stuff I have to put in boxes.””2

— If you’re launching a new print-on-demand product, check out these 10 steps outlined on print-on-demand platform KITE’s blog. 

“As a minimum, you should really look to create some content around your new products.”

10 Steps to a Perfect Print-on-Demand Product Launch
Jonno KITE

“With no minimum order quantities, and no need to order stock in advance, you can be really experimental when it comes to trialling new products and designs.
If they sell in volume, great! If they don’t – no big deal, you can try, try again.”3


— Download these 30 free vector graphics to use when creating your own designs. 

“Free useful vector graphics and vector elements download and used in graphic designs. ”

30 Free Vector Graphics and Vector Elements Download
Yasir Jawaid Graphic Design Junction

“highest quality Vector Graphics included Vector Logos,  Vector Illustrations, Vector Icons and Vector Elements that can be best for UI designing. There are thirty  Vector Resources which are free to use in infographics, web design and print design.”4

— One of the problems with print-on-demand is competition. Here’ are tips to make your designs stick out from the rest. 

“you need to offer something really unique if you want to build a profitable business”

How to Make Your Print-On-Demand T-Shirts Stand Out from The Competition

“#2 Figure out who your customers are
Selling a generic product to a broad audience is a terrible idea. Why?

Well, in most cases, trying to appeal to everyone leads to appealing to no one, because everyone just feels “meh” about your product. Would you pay $30+ for a generic t-shirt? Probably not… And neither would your customers! The whole point of buying print-on-demand t-shirts is that you get to accentuate your individuality with unique and creative apparel.

Plus, generic products are an absolute pain to market, because how do you even create a marketing campaign for them? You see, once you have a t-shirt design, you will need to use paid ads to promote it on Facebook, and for that you will need to know exactly who you are targeting. Otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of money selling your t-shirts to people who are not interested in them!

So, figure out who your customers are. What is their age? What is their gender? What are their hobbies? The more you know about them, the better!”5


— Lastly, here’s a bit of design inspiration for DIY designers. These include graphics from the 1950s, 60s and 70s that are available in the public domain. 

” a bunch of public domain/FOIA’d NSA “security posters” from the 1950s, 60s and 70s,”

For July 4th, Make Sure To Order Your NSA-Approved T-Shirt
Mike Masnick Techdirt.

“A month ago, we took a bunch of public domain/FOIA’d NSA “security posters” from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and turned them into some pretty terrific retro style t-shirts. We’re not publishing today as it’s July 4th, and we thought: what better way to celebrate July 4th than to order some NSA-approved t-shirts (or mugs or hoodies)? They’re real conversation starters. You can see the whole collection at our Teespring store.”6


Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Wed, July 18    National Hot Dog Day
Sun, July 22    Parents’ Day
Tue, July 24    National Tequila Day
Sat, August 4    Coast Guard Birthday
Wed, August 8    International Cat Day
Mon, August 13    Left-Handers Day
Sun, August 26    National Dog Day
Sun, August 26    Women’s Equality Day
Mon, September 3    Labor Day
Sun, September 16    Wife Appreciation Day
Mon, October 1    International Coffee Day
Wed, October 10    World Mental Health Day

Wed, October 31    Halloween

Bold entries are new since last week

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