Popular Brands on Merch by Amazon

Amazon’s print-on-demand platform is growing quickly in popularity among businesses both big and small. There are a number of popular brands on Merch by Amazon, with any number of products available among Amazon’s selection of t-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Some of these businesses previously had little available in terms of online shopping for physical products. With print-on-demand platforms, it’s easy for any business to sell apparel, as it requires on inventory, fulfillment or shipping. In the case of the Merch by Amazon platform, there’s not even any customer service required as Amazon takes care of that aspect of the business.

For brands looking to give their fans a way to show their fandom on their clothing, print-on-demand is an easy decision. Benefits include a potential new revenue channel and increased brand awareness via exposure on more shopping portals (such as Amazon.com), as well as by fans wearing apparel with their slogan, logo, or other custom t-shirt designs.

We’ve compiled a list of popular brands that are using Merch by Amazon using our free Merch Search tool. For each brand, we’ve also included the number of print-on-demand products found under their brand name on Amazon. In some cases, brands had only a few. On the other end of the spectrum, there were brands with thousands of listings.

This list isn’t meant to be extensive and it’s likely far from complete. If you  know of any additional popular brands on Merch by Amazon, leave a comment below with a link to their page.


Popular Brands on Merch by Amazon

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