The Rise of Print-on-Demand Ecommerce [Infographic]

The popularity of print-on-demand ecommerce is on the rise, and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon based on our research. We’ve summed up some of the most eye-catching numbers we’ve found about the growing industry in our print-on-demand infographic below. It’s little wonder why given all the advantages POD provides over traditional ecommerce. Besides requiring little upfront capital, print-on-demand requires no inventory management, a potential huge catalog of products, and the ability to create products unique to any brand.

Print-on-demand ecommerce has been around for well over a decade, with early entrants like CafePress and Zazzle introducing many to the concept of one-off printing of custom designs. The industry has seen much more activity in the last few years, with a huge number of apparel, art, and gift products available to POD sellers. Additionally, the number of print-on-demand platforms has grown, giving merchants a number of channels on which to sell.

It should come as no surprise that Amazon is involved in the print-on-demand apparel as well. After launching Merch by Amazon in September 2005, Amazon has made significant strides in the past year with the addition of 3 new products in 2017, a growing interest among sellers (enough to occasionally causes long wait times for account approvals), and a giant number of designs available on t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Besides standalone platforms, there are a number of apps that plugin to shopping carts, allowing sellers to easily setup their own standalone shop. Shopify, for example, features over two dozen print-on-demand apps available, with varying product catalogs, distribution centers, and design tools.

POD ecommerce appeals a number of types of sellers. There are many sellers that started from scratch without any audience. Others use print-on-demand to grow the catalog of an existing store. For those with existing audiences, such as bloggers and social medial influencers, print-on-demand is a great way to give fans a chance to show their support. Many offline local businesses use print-on-demand as well whether it’s to outfit staff, run customer promotions, or market the business in a new way.

In our print-on-demand infographic, we’ve a put together collection of stats on the POD industry to show how the industry has grown. It’s our belief that this is just the beginning, as new technologies are developed to enhance printing capabilities and the introduce new types of products that can be customized in a one-off manner.


Print on Demand Infographic - The Rise of POD Ecommerce

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