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There are plenty of options when it comes to print on demand platforms. In the past, we’ve discussed alternatives to Merch by Amazon. We’ve also written about using designs for Merch by Amazon on other platforms.

In both posts, we mentioned a handful of other print on demand platforms. It was far from an extensive list. Below, we’ve put together a much more complete list (though we’re likely still missing some). To help you out when deciding which ones to go with, we’ve added a little bit of additional info about each platform. Here’s a bit more info on each of the fields:

  • Product Info – print-on-demand platforms offer a variety of merchandise. Some stick to a few apparel products, like Merch by Amazon, while many offer dozens of different products types, including artwork, phone cases, and much more.
  • Commissions – some platforms take a commission, while others charge a flat fee. We’ve added some info here, though some platforms need more inspection still.
  • Own shop – does the platform allow you to have a branded shop? This is a big plus when trying to build a brand and audience and is certainly not how Merch by Amazon works.
  • Marketing – various options exist on some platforms for helping to market your products
  • Customer service – is this handled by the platform? or do you need to provide help yourself

This list of print on demand platforms is not complete and you should do more research to see how a specific platform will work for your needs.

Feel free to search, sort, or download this table in any number of formats using the buttons below.

If you know of any print on demand platforms we missed, or have updated info, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to update our table.

Print on Demand Platforms

Seller Signup Link
Product Info (types & number of products available)
Own Shop
Customer Service
Shopify Link
Hightlight 1
Highlight 2
RedBubble, stickerts, posters, device cases, and more Redbubble gives you total control over what you sell your art for. Current Redbubble artists actually earn an average margin of 17% of the retail price, but whether it is 10% or 30%, you get to decide.YesIncludedNo info
TeeSpring,Home Decor,Socks,Gift Guide,Phone Cases,Accessories,Mugs We deduct a small fee from each sale that covers fulfilling your customer’s order. YesIncludedYes for a fee
Pixels/FineArtAmerica, Home, Lifestyle, Beach,Tech, ApparelNo infoYesIncludedYes
Printful, wallart, hats, mugs, bags, leggings, pillows, phonecase, socks, dress skirts, towelsNo infoYes No infoebook includes marketing strategies
CafePress,hats,calendars, posters, mugs, water bottles, stickers, stuffed animals, buttons, messenger bags, clocks, and moreWhen customers buy directly from your shop you will earn the markup amount you set.YesIncludedNo info
Zazzle, sweatshirts, bags, ties, aprons, jackets, postage stamps,shoes, and morecommission rate varies depending on the features you utilizeYesIncludedNo info
Spreadshirt,ncluding bags, aprons, buttons, neckties, and moreearn the design price you set each time one is sold! earn $12 from every $20 t-shirt I sell?YesIncludedNo info
TeeLaunch, mugs, totes, towels, tanks, canvas, stickers, cutting board, jewelry, sweatshirts, hoodies, dog bowls, flags, phone case, blankets, kids apparel, mousepad, swimsuits, pet bed, bedding
You ONLY pay for the items printed, so you ONLY pay if you sell something!YesIncludedNo info
Printitfy, mugs, totes, towels, tanks, canvas, sweatshirts, hoodies, phone case, blankets, kids apparel, mousepad, skirts/yoga pants, bedding, shower curtainsPay for production and shipping only after selling.YesIncludedyes of 200+ unique products includes apparel, home goods, stickers, office products and morePrint provider network includes printers in US and UK
PrintAura, mugs, totes, tanks, art print, sweatshirts/hoodies, phone case, blankets, kids apparel, pillows, aprons, hatsYou Make A Sale, You Pay Print Aura, We Print & ShipYesincludedno info
CustomCat Shirts, Baby/Kids Apparel, Hats, Drinkware, Accessories,You market. You manage designs. You control designs offered. Our creative department assists with ideas. We fulfill YesIncludedNo info
TeePublic Apparel,Home Goods, Cases & StickersOur platform enables artists to upload as many designs as they want, create their own store, and build a following without having to worry about printing or shipping!Yes on their websiteIncludedNo info
Society 6, Bags, Comforters, Notebooks,Stickers,Phone Cases,Art Prints,Pillows,Wall TapestriesThey create, we produce and fulfill, and every purchase pays an artist.Yes on their websiteIncludedYou can share your produts on your Twitter/Faebook and Link
GearLaunch, Mugs,Pillows, Canvas,Phone Case, TotesLaunch your store, fully equipped with production, fulfillment and customer service.YesIncludedThey provide you, your own website to market your products
SunFrog and hoodies/sweatshirtsMARKET & SELL YOUR OWN DESIGNS OR CHOOSE FROM 100+ MILLION DESIGNS.noIncludedYes
Threadless & apparel, home decor, AccessoriesCreate, Design Storefront and Sell (You design and they fulfill)YesIncludedNo info
TeeFury and postersSubmit your designs,Earn a commission,Build a fanbase and keep your copy rightsNoNo InfoYes
Design by Humans, Art Prints, MugsWe produce, fulfill and ship all of your custom products while you maintain the rights to your work.YesIncludedNo info
Inkthreadable,hoodies,accessories/home goods,phone cases,wall artYour website takes an order. You pass it on to us for fulfilmentYesIncludedNo info
CustomInk,hoodies,hats,jackets,team jerseys,drinkware,promo product,pen/supplies,techDesign custom t-shirts for all life events w/free shippingNoInludedNo info
UberPrint your own custom shirtsnoNo infono
Skreened,mugs,totes,dog bed, pillowsWe take care of production, shipping, and customer service so you can focus on creating cool stuff.Yes on their websiteYesNo Info
UltraPress,long sleeve shirtsYour group’s custom apparel screenprinted and delivered in 4 business days!YesNo info
Gooten,hoodies/sweatshirts,flip flops,Baby/Kids Apperal,We Print & DropshipYesIncluded


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