Print on Demand Platforms

There are plenty of options when it comes to print on demand platforms. In the past, we’ve discussed alternatives to Merch by Amazon. We’ve also written about using designs for Merch by Amazon on other platforms.

In both posts, we mentioned a handful of other print on demand platforms. It was far from an extensive list. Below, we’ve put together a much more complete list (though we’re likely still missing some). To help you out when deciding which ones to go with, we’ve added a little bit of additional info about each platform. Here’s a bit more info on each of the fields:

  • Product Info – print-on-demand platforms offer a variety of merchandise. Some stick to a few apparel products, like Merch by Amazon, while many offer dozens of different products types, including artwork, phone cases, and much more.
  • Commissions – some platforms take a commission, while others charge a flat fee. We’ve added some info here, though some platforms need more inspection still.
  • Own shop – does the platform allow you to have a branded shop? This is a big plus when trying to build a brand and audience and is certainly not how Merch by Amazon works.
  • Marketing – various options exist on some platforms for helping to market your products
  • Customer service – is this handled by the platform? or do you need to provide help yourself

This list of print on demand platforms is not complete and you should do more research to see how a specific platform will work for your needs.

Feel free to search, sort, or download this table in any number of formats using the buttons below.

If you know of any print on demand platforms we missed, or have updated info, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to update our table.

Print on Demand Platforms

Note: click the green plus button to get more info on each of the platforms listed below.
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updated March 30, 2018 with additional listings and Shopify app info
updated April 12, 2018. changed “own store” to “branded store” and updated all entries

6 replies on “Print on Demand Platforms

    • MerchReadyDesigns

      Thanks for mentioning SpreadShop. I was not aware of that one.

      FYI – Printful doesn’t have any overheard fees as far as I know. Shopify does require a monthly fee and provides a number of ecommerce features beyond print-on-demand shops.

  • Thomas kerr

    hi this great list ,i do have questions

    1 witch print on demand can do world wide like if i go on usa website and buy, but i live in uk
    so would usa site make in uk or be made in use then post to uk or i buy from uk site but item meant for japan or other locations ,so to print in japan and posted to location in japan or printed in India and posted to locations around India

    2 witch one can be linked own website like wix or custom web builder online and offline and so every thing can bought on my own website without leaving my website it but is printed and shipped to customers

    3 witch one can you add own branding label to with own packaging design with or without fulfillment service used

    4 with out going into every site to see do any of them to custom shoes and or boxers shorts with all over printing on items and or custom glass items too

    thanks it may sound stupid questions ,but google spits 2 many websites out

  • Anita

    Thanks for the great list, helps a lot!

    Although I don’t recommend Art of Where because of their lack of professionalism. Sometimes they just forget to ship your items…

  • John

    The problem is that uploading on a lot of sites at once is really slow. I use a site called Puppet Uploader to help upload onto the main sites at once, and it works really well, but even that only supports about 6 sites at the moment. (Hopefully they will add more soon)


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