How Do Successful POD Stores use Social Media? POD Weekly #49

POD Weekly #49

How Do Successful POD Stores use Social Media?


A few weeks ago, we featured 13 ecommerce brands successfully using using print-on-demand merchandise. What we noticed was that most of the sites were great at defining a brand purpose that focused on something bigger than the products.

This is by no means unique to print-on-demand businesses, but perhaps it’s somewhat more important than some other businesses with more customized products. When the physical products are literally printed blanks, it’s relatively easy for another business or seller to steal designs, regardless of whether it’s right.

When done right, the brand message is driven home consistently across all marketing channels to drive the point home, and make it as clear as possible for customers to understand. Of course, this includes social media marketing, one of most popular forms of marketing for print-on-demand sellers.

With that in mind, we decided to look at the social media accounts for the print-on-demand stores we previously featured. All but 3 had accounts listed on their profile, and a few have some seriously impressive followings.

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Successful print-on-demand sellers typically connect with fans by uniting behind a bigger mission. When done right, that message is conveyed consistently across all channels, including social media. If you’re looking for ideas of how to use social media effectively, I’d highly recommend looking at what the best of these shops are doing.



Each week, we share content from a variety of sources intended to help print-on-demand sellers. Get even more links by following us on Facebook or Twitter looks at a handful of successful print-on-demand sellers earning some impressive passive incomes.

Merch by Amazon, Teespring Are Fueling Passive Income
By Julia Glum Money

“Eventually, Zubia had a 2,800-item catalog of designs, slogans, and illustrations online that people could purchase on T-shirts and hoodies. That work spurt earned him $120,000—enough to move out of his parents’ house and buy his own home in El Paso. Even more remarkable, he’s still pocketing roughly $3,000 a month today from those years-old designs.
Zubia is one of many average Americans who are tapping into what’s known as “passive income”—revenue streams that can generate cash for people who put in a bit of work at one moment in time, and then sit back and watch checks come in forever.
Also called print on demand, this method of passive income works differently than, say, renting out real estate or playing the stock market. The overhead is extremely low—sellers don’t have to worry about storing any inventory or making physical items. Companies like Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon have sprung up this decade to fuel the passive income industry. Their sole function is to handle the logistics of printing and shipping while paying out design royalties to people like Zubia, whose bestsellers have said things like “Awesome Since 1978” and “Born in Chicago.””1

KITE features tips on how to increase holiday sales during BFCM, specifically for #printondemand sellers

How to Dominate Black Friday as a Print on Demand Retailer
Jonno KITE

“Print on demand also gives you the freedom to quickly create and sell new products. Why not use this to your advantage and start selling a special ‘Black Friday’ product to encourage people to visit your site?
If you pair this with a ‘loss leader’ pricing strategy, you can sell the product at cost price to further encourage people to your site. The idea behind this is that if people come to your site for this amazing deal, they could stick around and buy more products–and you’ll make a profit. But even if customers only buy your ‘loss leader’ product, you will still breakeven and you will also have those customers’ contact details which you can use for marketing in the future.”2

This seller creates custom maps and fulfills many of his orders using Printful, which helped him grow his business

How a Canadian Entrepreneur’s Store Went From Side Hustle to Full-Time Career
Nora Inveiss Blog – Printful

“When Etsy reversed their policy and allowed third-party print-on-demand drop shippers for their sellers, it was a game changer. “Printful was the first printing service that I felt comfortable working with to fulfill orders. You really fit exactly what I was looking at at the time, which was only prints.” And with print-on-demand drop shipping in his arsenal, his business continued to blossom.
So what did he do to take his business to new heights? I talked with Olivier to get his insights and advice for entrepreneurs that want to take their online store to the next level. Read on for top takeaways and actionable tips!”3

Printful has opened their 4th fulfillment center, and first in Mexico, with a 10,000 sq ft facility in Tijuana

Printful opens new cut & sew fulfillment center in Mexico

“With the growing demand for activewear products such as leggings, opening a new cut & sew facility is the logical next step to keep up with growth. This branch helps Printful balance order load across all locations, add new products quicker, and lower prices for premium apparel.
“Activewear is a fast-developing market segment, so our new facility is the logical solution to meet the growing customer demand and take Printful to the next step. Our increased production capacity will also help our customers compete with global fashion and sports apparel brands,” says Davis Siksnans, Printful CEO.
Printful decided on Mexico primarily because of access to a skilled workforce in the cut & sew industry and its proximity to their Los Angeles branch.”4




Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

October – December  Holiday Shopping
Sun, November 11    Veterans Day
Thu, November 22    Thanksgiving Day
Fri, November 23    Black Friday
Sat, November 24    Small Business Saturday
Mon, November 26    Cyber Monday
Tue, November 27    Giving Tuesday
Mon, December 3    First Day of Hanukkah

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  5. Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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