Some sellers seeing large fluctuations in Merch by Amazon sales

Neil Lassen at Merch Informer continues his excellent series of posts on paying off $100,000 of school debt via Merch by Amazon. Beyond giving a brief update on the sales progress, Neil always provides a number of details about what he’s seeing.

That being said, what we experienced and a lot of other people experienced has been a day or two of REALLY slow sales, and then all of a sudden a day that just explodes in sales out of nowhere. We are talking about 2-3X the amount of sales in a certain day followed by another day or two of slow sales.

He speculated that his may have something to do with a recent Merch by Amazon survey, which you can read more about in this Reddit thread. For reference, here’s a list of the questions included:

  • Which tier level are you?

  • Are you familiar with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

  • How likely would you be to participate in a program that advertises your Merch products on your behalf in exchange for a percent of the royalty from each product sold through the program? This program would be in addition to the free organic search traffic you already receive.

  • If Merch were to advertise products on your behalf what is your level of comfort in allowing Merch to select which of your products to promote?

  • I would sign up for this program if Merch charged me no more than the following royalty percentage for products sold through the program (scale of 0 -100%)

  • What sales percent increase would you expect from Merch through this program? (scale of 0 -100%)

  • At which tier level do you think this program would first become useful?

  • On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend Merch by Amazon to a friend or colleague?

  • Please share any additional comments about how we may improve your Merch by Amazon experience.

After reporting on a huge success in the Valentine’s Day niche, he includes some ideas of upload strategies:

If you are tier 1k or below, I would really suggest doing 1000 different designs. Use 1 slot for 1 standard t-shirt. Yes, yes, I know you have access to many more products but Merch is the a numbers game and standard shirts are the big money maker here. You drastically stand a better chance at making more money without uploading to other products at first because it allows you to either get a very wide spread in the niches you are in, or really go in and dominate a particular niche with many different designs.

 And the end result for the month?

841 ASINs sold with $3053.68 in royalties!

These royalties are up about 23% from last month whereas sales are up around 29%. 

Check out the full post for more tips and see how much of the full 100k is left to payoff. Great stuff as always!
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