13 Examples of Stores Using Printful & Print-on-Demand Merchandise

POD Weekly #47

13 Examples of Stores Using Print-on-Demand Merchandise


We’ve been doing a bit of research recently into stores using Printful and other print-on-demand platforms well on standalone ecommerce shops. In POD Weekly #46, we mentioned Alley and Rae as a great example of a company using print-on-demand well; their brand has a larger purpose outside of the t-shirts and it’s proven a successful strategy.

While it’s a great example, Alley and Rae certainly isn’t the one using print-on-demand well, and their certainly on more ways to use POD effectively. Below we’ve listed a few others we’ve come across, along with our own brief notes.

This is far from an extensive list, and POD quality and fulfillment improve, it’s sometimes hard to tell if a business is stocking inventory or using print-on-demand.


13 Examples of Stores Using Printful & Other Print-on-Demand Platforms


  • Voided is an “aesthetic urban brand” that sells a collection of printed tees and sweatshirts on the Big Cartel platform.
  • CreativeActionNetwork is an impressive brand that acts as a “community of artists and advocates” that runs “crowdsourced campaigns around causes.” Designs are developed into a range of print-on-demand products including posters, apparel, and homegoods. Products are sold via their site, as well as other retailers. Proceeds go to artists and causes.
  • ROLEMODELS is another Big Cartel shop seeking to server a bigger purpose by celebrating ” game-changing progressive women” with proceeds donated to a non-profit supporting women. Products include simple, text-adorned sweatshirts and tote bags.
  • Racoon Brand is a “clothing line focused on adventure and mischief.” The company’s ‘about’ page includes a number of customer quotes that describe the brand as creative, non-follower, young, and skaters. Products includes tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and hats featuring primarily brand-based and pro-marijuana graphics.
  • INU INU features a variety of “cutesy” products, with some print-on-demand merch included. They have some enormous social media followings, and based on the fairly unimpressive home page, presumably are successfully driving traffic and sales from those channels.
  • DNBE is yet another cause-oriented business, with an aim to “increase the number of socially conscious individuals around the world, and, in turn, increase their impact on the community by serving as a visual and audio representation of the Black Empowerment Movement.” Products include over 200 unique designs on tees and tanks.
  • KillerBeeMoto “creates original Moto themed designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters and more. Designs features various vehicles including helicopters, sailboards, planes, jeeps, motorcycles, and more.
  • PopLyfe is a “lifestyle brand that helps responsible and proud fathers represent their Family Life and their Story of Fatherhood.” Products include “dad” tees in a variety of niches (new dads, step dads, stay at home dads, etc.)
  • Boldomatic is “all about words and the people who create them.” The company offers an app where writers can create text-images easily to increase visibility on social media. Similarly, their shop features text-based designs, with predesigned themes as well as custom products.
  • Sarah Marie Design Studio features running inspired products including tees, performance wear, accessories and more. The company has a strong social media following and has been featured in a variety of relatively large publications.
  • Prinstant Replays offers posters  and tees celebrating historic sports moments. Selling both licensed and unofficial designs, they’ve found a unique way to celebrate small moments that only dedicated fans will remember, helping to create a strong brand connection.
  • Zen Pencils is a cartoon blog from Australia artist Gavin Aung Than. In his comics, Than adapts famous quotes and combines with his own original artwork. The shop features select comics, characters and scenes on posters, tees, mugs, and more.
  • Alley and Rae features cause-focused tee, sweatshirts and more. This one was originally covered in POD Weekly #46.



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1: Choose Niche & Products
2: Get Designs & Website Ready
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4: Promote
5: Check results, test, improve

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  2. http://merchminds.libsyn.com/episode-103

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