Merch Informer is one of the most popular tools dedicated to Merch by Amazon. See our posts and coverage of this highly recommended tool for all Merch by Amazon sellers looking for help identifying niches, tracking sales, doing keyword research, and much more.

Merch Informer is well known among sellers, both due to being a great tool, and due to the founder, Neil Lassen, being a very successful Merch by Amazon seller. Early on, Neil achieved notoriety for selling over $100k worth of t-shirts on the Merch by Amazon platform. Fittingly, the Merch Informer tool is something he developed out of his own necessity.

Currently, Neil is documenting his journey to paying off over $100k in school debt via his girlfriend’s account. He posts occasional progress updates on the Merch Informer blog, which is a must follow for all Merch sellers.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Merch by Amazon seller, we highly recommend trying [eafl id="13455" name="MerchInformer" text="checking out the tool"], at least on a trial basis.