Merch Informer is one of the most popular tools dedicated to Merch by Amazon. See our posts and coverage of this highly recommended tool for all Merch by Amazon sellers looking for help identifying niches, tracking sales, doing keyword research, and much more.

Merch Informer is well known among sellers, both due to being a great tool, and due to the founder, Neil Lassen, being a very successful Merch by Amazon seller. Early on, Neil achieved notoriety for selling over $100k worth of t-shirts on the Merch by Amazon platform. Fittingly, the Merch Informer tool is something he developed out of his own necessity.

Currently, Neil is documenting his journey to paying off over $100k in school debt via his girlfriend’s account. He posts occasional progress updates on the Merch Informer blog, which is a must follow for all Merch sellers.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Merch by Amazon seller, we highly recommend trying [eafl id="13455" name="MerchInformer" text="checking out the tool"], at least on a trial basis.

  • Weekly POD: Monthly Credit Value Increased & Free Design

    Weekly POD Update Monthly Credits Value Increased by 20% We’re excited to announce that monthly credits for all Pro members have been increased by 20%. With this increase, Pro members get the ability to download one free design each month (or use it towards a custom order).  Pro memberships can be purchased for as low as $14.92 per month, include discounts on all copywriting and designs, and can be canceled at anytime. Sign up today.  RECOMMENDED LINKS Each week, we share content from a variety of sources intended to help print-on-demand sellers. Get even more links by following …

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  • Some sellers seeing large fluctuations in Merch by Amazon sales

    Neil Lassen at Merch Informer continues his excellent series of posts on paying off $100,000 of school debt via Merch by Amazon. Beyond giving a brief update on the sales progress, Neil always provides a number of details about what he’s seeing. That being said, what we experienced and a lot of other people experienced has been a day or two of REALLY slow sales, and then all of a sudden a day that just explodes in sales out of nowhere. We are talking about 2-3X the amount of sales in a certain day followed by another day or two …

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  • Avoid these 3 easy Merch by Amazon Mistakes

    Not all of your designs are going to sell well on Merch by Amazon, but to improve your chances there are 3 easy mistakes to avoid, as Neil Lassen at wrote in a recent post. He notes that those easy to avoid mistakes include spelling errors, using copyrighted designs elements, and getting multiple designs rejections. Neil gives an example of a spelling mistake he’s made where one letter was left out of “t-shirt” and the listing was rejected for containing profanity. Admittedly, we’ve made the same mistake ourselves. While easy to fix, it’s not always easy …

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  • MerchInformer update on march to $100k in royalties from Merch by Amazon

    Here’s Neil Lassen from with his latest update on his goal to generate $100k in royalties via Merch by Amazon. He mentioned the challenges of a slow month after the holiday season surge: January, for many, was a bit of a shock. With sales dwindling, new royalties coming into play, and a new application process, many people started to get discouraged about Merch. My girlfriend’s account saw the exact same decline in sales Neil also discussed the changes to the royalties paid out by Merch by Amazon. The 2 new products are selling pretty well which helps offset the decrease …

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  • Resize Merch by Amazon images for hoodies fast and free

    We recently shared a link to the MerchInformer blog about how to resize images for Merch by Amazon hoodies. In case you weren’t aware, that is currently the only product on Merch by Amazon with unique dimension requirements. Most products require images 4500×5400 pixels. For hooded sweatshirts, the dimensions must be 4500px x 4050px. In the MerchInformer post. Neil discussed changing the dimensions using Photoshop and a custom script. This is great if you need to resize a lot of images quickly and you have Phtotoshop. However, if you don’t have Photoshop and/or are only looking to resize a handful …

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  • New plans at Merch Informer

    MerchInformer is introducing new plans, as Amazon continues to expand the Merch by Amazon platform. Check out the . Merch Informer is a great tool to use for researching design ideas (perfect for use with our custom print-on-demand design packs!). Merch by Amazon has been expanding their support team, building new printing facilities, offering multiple products to sell your designs on, and that is just the begining! There is more coming to the Merch platform that is revolutionizing the print on demand industry. There are going to be many people that disagree with this, but the fact remains that …

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  • Resizing designs for hoodies on Merch by AMazon

    Neil from MerchInformer provides a helpful guides on how to resize designs for hoodies #merchbyamazon #ecommerce Now that almost everyone has access to sweatshirts and hoodies, you have probably noticed that hoodies take a different dimension image! via How To Resize Hoodies For Merch By Amazon at Merch Informer Another option is to use a simple online resizing tool like…

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