Unusual ways to get sales on Merch by Amazon

Our Merch by Amazon experts are back – and this time they’re answering the question that every MBA seller seems to be asking: What are some unusual ways to get sales on Merch by Amazon? Aside from the basics of building up your social media following and connecting with customers through niche forums, the experts are weighing in on some unique (and out of the box) ways to get more Merch sales.


Unusual Ways to Get Sales on Merch by Amazon [Tips from Experts]

Neil Lassen Merch Informer

Neil Lassen, Merch Informer

As an expert seller with sales of over $150k, Neil runs the highly informative blog MerchInformer, one of the most popular tools for Merch by Amazon sellers. Featuring great Merch by Amazon tips and tricks, the MerchInformer blog also documents how Neil is on the path to paying off $100k in school debt.


The most unusual method I have heard of is actually from talking to a guy who was driving for Uber. He would pick people up and when they got in the car, he would actually have some of his designs laid out with QR codes to the products on Amazon. I am not sure if it actually worked, but that is some out of the box thinking!

Yong Jae Chong

Yong Jae Chong, Merch Minds

With his business partner Glen, Yong Jae Chong hosts the popular Merch Minds podcast and offers private live coaching sessions online. These coaching sessions allow MBA sellers to ask questions and get specific answers to their concerns.

I don’t consider this unusual, but it’s something I haven’t done. I know there are people that approach local businesses and offer to sell shirts with their branding and logo on it. Again, it’s not unusual, but it’s something I haven’t done and don’t know if I will ever consider it. Anytime you can think outside the box to get sales is a good thing.

Luke kelly

Luke Kelly, MerchMates

Entrepreneur Luke Kelly utilizes his experience as a graphic designer, artist, and MBA seller to host the MerchMates podcast. The MerchMates podcast is a favorite among MBA sellers looking to increase business and maximize sales.

I’ve heard of some pretty crazy stuff happening to get sales, but one that I hear about is people cold calling/emailing local businesses to offer them free graphic design and cheap shirts to help them move out of the first few tiers. I think this is a really smart move to be honest!

You’d be surprised at how many businesses will take up free graphic design (even amateur level) and cheap shirts for their workers. Thinking outside of the box definitely helps when it comes to selling online – something I am continually learning everyday.

Never be worried to reach out to people you don’t know because sometimes these people can become your best customers. I know this from experience and it’s paid off in the long run!

Chris Wilkey

Chris Wilkey, FBAMaster

When it comes to MBA, Chris Wilkey is an expert. His popular FBA Master blog provides MBA sellers with info on everything you need to learn the ins and outs of a Merch by Amazon business.  

The most interesting method I have seen has been the use of a design for a Pints Out For Harambe. It was a local guy who partnered with a brewery to sell Merch shirts to patrons at the bar to have them delivered to their house (in whatever color they chose).

Margaret Texas Gal

Margaret, Texas Gal Treasures

Texas Gal Treasures is the brainchild of stay at home mom-turned-internet entrepreneur Margaret. Not only does Margaret create incredibly useful and informative YouTube videos, also she successfully sells her products through Etsy, eBay, Merch by Amazon, and other POD sites.

The most unusual method I’ve heard of for getting sales on Merch listings is sending a shirt to a Youtube content creator or creating a Famebit campaign to have them wear the shirt in a video to gain more exposure for it.

Katharyne Shelton

Katharyne Shelton

With a successful track record of inspiring and educating others on how to create their own e-commerce business,  Katharyne Shelton is an entrepreneur with bragging rights. Her Blue Sky Create course is based on years of Amazon success with numerous #1 best sellers and #1 new releases.  

Check out Amazon Spark. It’s Amazon’s social network that you can access through the shopping app (mobile only). I’ve been sharing my shirts on there and getting some traction. It’s in the early days right now and Amazon are keeping it quiet, but I suspect an Amazon social media site is going to become a bigger part of their strategy.

Anthony busciglio - merchempire

Anthony Busciglio, MerchEmpire

Anthony Busciglio runs the popular Merch Empire podcast and Facebook group, letting fellow MBA sellers in on the secrets of his own success on Amazon and other platforms.

Most unusual method for getting sales is people joining niche related groups (for example, a fishing group), contribute to the group as if they are really into fishing, then eventually ask the group if they like this “shirt” with a link back to the listing. I personally don’t do this and don’t like it.

Reezy Resells

Reezy Resells

Through his podcast, blog, Facebook group, and YouTube videos, Reezy Resells has turned a side hustle into a major business. With over $3.5 million in Amazon sales, he has plenty of insight to share (and he’s happy to share it). Here’s what he has to say about unusual ways to get sales on Merch by Amazon.

Posting links into random Twitter feeds, such as anti-Trump shirts into replies on one of Trump’s tweets

Kara Carrero

Kara Carrero, Consultant

Consultant Kara Carrero is a digital publishing and marketing expert who works with entrepreneurs and business owners to restructure websites, improve content strategy and SEO, and create digital products.

I am not sure how unusual it is, but I know of people that have teamed up with prospective adoptive parents to design and sell shirts to help them with their fundraising. It’s actually an awesome way to tier up quickly even if you’re not making a lot of money and really impacts another family in a truly positive way.

Peter Koch

Peter Koch, SellerAtHeart

Entrepreneur Peter Koch has been having success on Amazon since 2014. Through his SellerAtHeart blog, Peter shares his own experiences and offers insight for new sellers on how to earn big through MBA and Amazon seller central.


An unusual method is mine 🙂 Joke…actually, a few months ago I had a small success with promoting some my shirts on FunnyJunk and as far as I know, no one tried there.

There is also a funny story that someone made pretty cool ‘retro vintage’ shirts with the bleeding text and silhouettes which were nothing more than a rip off a stock image on Shutterstock. Guess what, few days after they get competition. Somebody copies a stock image put it on Amazon and then dozens more copy of the copy. People were stealing from a thief.

Johnny Rules for Rebels

Johnny, Rules for Rebels

Self-proclaimed side hustler Johnny has never been afraid to break the rules. With his popular YouTube channel Rules for Rebels, he shares his experiences and offers insightful advice for unusual ways to get sales on Merch by Amazon.


In regards to unique selling methods, I had considered offering a free coaching session with me in return for someone buying one of my shirts. The thought process behind that was I knew I would get a pretty good response as it’s a fantastic deal for anyone who would be interested in my coaching and I thought it would give my shirt a huge boost in BSR score. I decided not to move forward with that idea as I just don’t have the time right now to take on that workload.

Some other unique methods I’ve seen or heard of are setting up kind of a dummy tee shirt shop within a niche which doesn’t have a checkout system and just forwards customers to Amazon.

I’ve talked to other people who list their shirts on eBay or Etsy and use Amazon to dropship them. Even if selling at a break even price it boosts your shirts sales and in turn BSR score, however as Yong from Merch Minds recently pointed out in an interview I did with him, technically this violates Amazon’s terms of service so use that at your own risk.

Outside of that sending shirts to influencers and/or to tee shirt review sites or review channels could be a worthwhile way to drive some sales.

Anyhow, that’s my take on what new sellers should do as well as some unique selling strategies I’ve seen from other Merch sellers. Best of luck to all you Amazon Merch sellers out there and hopefully we all have a successful and prosperous Q4 and Holiday Season. Get out there and start hustling!!!

Have any ideas of your own unique success story for unusual ways to get sales on Merch by Amazon? Leave a comment below or contact us. And if you’d like more info on any of the strategies mentioned, ask a question and we’ll be sure to follow up with more info.

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