Upcoming holidays for print-on-demand designs

For the most part, we encourage sellers to look for evergreen designs for their print-on-demand business. However, seasonal, holiday, and event-driven designs make up a large percentage of all ecommerce purchases, and designs catering to those shouldn’t be overlooked. Even with a shorter period to sell designs, the increased number of purchases can more than make it worth the effort.

Of course, there are differences to consider when creating products for a specific season, holiday, or event. Seasonal and holiday likely can be used each year and may have a relatively selling period. Christmas holiday-themed designs are a good example. Of course, these can be made year specific by adding the current year to the design. While it wouldn’t be relevant the next year, it is a way to set the design apart.

Events are less likely to be annual, especially if it’s date-specific or a one-time thing. Take for example the solar eclipse, which was a huge selling theme on Merch by Amazon last year but won’t be repeated this year.

With that in mind, here’s a few upcoming holidays that we’re looking at for our own print-on-demand shops, including our Merch by Amazon account.

  • Valentine’s Day is this coming Wednesday
  • Chinese New Year is Friday Feb 16
  • St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday March 17
  • Earth Day is Sunday April 21
  • Teacher’s Day is May 8
  • Mother’s Day is May 13

You’d be surprised how many holidays exist. Take a look at some holiday calendars online to see if anything sparks some ideas for you. If you have an existing audience, you may even see a holiday that would be of interest to them. In that case, make sure they know about it and direct them to your designs in anticipation.

As always, if you’re looking for designs for a specific niche, check out our custom design packs for print on demand platforms, which are available for both non-members and members (discounted pricing).

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