Using charity walks for print-on-demand design ideas

Are you looking for some new print-on-demand design ideas? I came across a post on the the PlaceIt blog with t-shirt ideas for charity walks. In the post, they include the 7 biggest charity run causes. Each item includes one topic, with a number of different organizations that work in that area and hold charity walks and runs for causes supporting Autism, Breast Cancer, and Arthritis organizations.

Whether you’re starting a charity run team or starting an online t-shirt store, Placeit’s t-shirt design templates offer a cost effective way to make great looking designs of all style and for all occasions.

Check out their post to find a cause that may be of interest to you and look for an event in your area and create some unofficial shirts. These could be supporting the overall race, for a particular group or team, or even personalized shirts supporting one person.

When designing for these types of events, be sure not to use any of the official names or logos from the organization. Instead, look for ways to use support the general cause and use non-trademarked graphics. (Of course, we can help if you need custom t-shirt designs).

As a charity walk, you may look to ways you can even generate revenue for the cause. Amazon makes it clear that you cannot include text about a donation in the product copywriting:

Can I use Merch by Amazon if I am a non-profit?
Yes. Non-profits can use Merch by Amazon to produce, sell, and market their items.  However, you cannot make statements on the associated detail pages like “all proceeds will be donated” or that “purchases of these products will support” a particular non-profit.  You may only include a description of your non-profit.

However, you can still do offline marketing, pledging to donate a specific percentage of dollar amount of each sale. Even with less profit, you’ll gain exposure from the increased sales rank through an organic manner.

Have you tried using charity walks for print-on-demand design ideas? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

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