How to Create a T-Shirt Brand Like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes – POD Weekly #46

POD Weekly #46

How to Create a T-Shirt Brand Like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes


When selling t-shirt online, it can be difficult to differentiate from competitors. In the past, we’ve written about choosing the right collection of designs can help set your business apart and connect with customers. Today, we’re taking a look at a print-on-demand shop that has found success by focusing on a bigger cause for their brand than selling merchandise, in a style similar to Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes.

Alley & Rae Apparel sells a variety of printed merchandise, including tees, tanks, sweatshirts, mugs and more. With each sale, a portion of proceeds is donated to organizations working to help end hunger in the United States. So far, they’ve donated an impressive 19,110 meals and have a mission to grow that beyond six figures!

Alley & Rae Apparel Cause Marketing Bonobos Warby Parker

The number of meals is displayed prominently on the home page, as well as on each product page, in a large graphic, making it quite clear to customers. Of course, it’s more than a brag, it’s letting customers know their purchase helps contribute as well, giving them a reason to shop with Alley and Rae.

The shop, which runs on Shopify, works with Pledgeling to make donations. Through their Shopify app, Give & Grow, it’s easy for any shop to donate to any of over 150,000 non-profit organizations, or to contribute towards a fund of multiple like-minded organizations, as Alley & Rae has done.

Of course, their success can’t solely be attributed to their cause marketing. Like Warby-Parker and Tom’s, who make a donation with each purchase of a a pair of eyeglasses and shoes respectively, they also offer products their customers want. Featuring well designed tees with great lifestyle shots, their products have a strong-female ethos among a variety of easy-to-navigate collections.

Social proof is everywhere on the site, with plenty of product reviews, tons of Instagram shots, and a nice collection of media logos showing where they’ve been featured. Their social media accounts are impressive, and have likely been boosted by strategic influencer marketing campaigns.


If you’re struggling to come up with a story from your brand, try finding a non-profit cause that may fit well with your brand. Alley & Rae Apparel has used a Shopify app to donate nearly 20,000 meals, which in turn has helped them better connect with customers. It’s not the only key to success, but can go a long way towards setting a brand apart from competitors, similar to Warby-Parker and Tom’s Shoes. 



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People are increasingly shopping with #reusable tote bags. Tap into the trend by creating bags that tap into passions

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This creates a huge business opportunity, and in the next part of this article, we’ll walk you through how you can take advantage by selling tote bags in your store.
Define your audience
We’ve touched on it above: what really inspires people to carry round a tote bag with a particular design on it is that it reflects their passion.
So, in order to successfully sell tote bags – with ‘successfully’ being the operative word! – you need to tap into a particular passion. It’s the same for any item of merchandise.
If you’re lucky enough to be an influencer – a musician, artist, photographer, YouTuber or content creator with an existing audience – this is easier. After all, your audience’s passion will be for you and your work. You already have the audience to tap into and market to. (And, in many cases, you’ll already have the artwork, logo or illustrations to apply to your products.)
Just head to the Kite Shopify Merch plugin and install it to your Shopify store. Fire it up, and upload your band logo, a slogan, strapline or artwork as a high quality PNG file. You can then drag, drop and tweak your way to a fantastic tote bag your followers are going to need to have.”2


Here’s 25 free fonts to download. (Hint: You can upload fonts #DesignJar, our design tool that lets anyone create great looking designs easily)

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Order custom t-shirt designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

October – December  Holiday Shopping
Wed, October 31    Halloween
Sun, November 11    Veterans Day
Thu, November 22    Thanksgiving Day
Fri, November 23    Black Friday
Mon, November 26    Cyber Monday

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  5. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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