Weekly POD: Building your own Audience

A number a few sellers have expressed concerns about competition as print-on-demand platforms become more saturated with sellers. One of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition is by building a direct connection with your audience.

You can still sell on platforms like Merch by Amazon and direct your audience to your listings there. Check out the links below on building audiences through blogs, organic search, and social media below.

Recommended Links

Build a blog and sell shirts directly to your audience. Get inspiration from @SideHustleNation #podcast with Brett who bulit a part-time blog into $60k business #marketing #printondemand #merchbyamazon

282: How to Build a $60k a Year Part-Time Blog
Nick Loper Side Hustle Nation

“He’s grown his blog to $60k a year in just 4 years through building an academy course, securing paid advertising, running AdSense, and selling ebooks.”1

Looking for more traffic? Read this detailed post on one way to research competitors and steal search traffic. #marketing #seo

How to steal competitor’s search traffic (and keep it)
Jeffrey Kranz Jeffrey Kranz

“Here’s the problem: Your competitors are pulling them in instead of you.

Sometimes they’re just outranking you in search engines. But they’re also pulling in traffic for keywords you’ve never even thought of.

More on driving traffic directly to your t-shirt listings. Here’s a guide to getting more #Pinterest followers from @Shopify #marketing #socialmedia #printondemand

How to Get More Followers On Pinterest: Reach New Audiences To Grow Your Business
Desirae Odjick Shopify Blog – Company

“keywords matter everywhere on Pinterest, from your board titles, to your profile description, to your pin descriptions. You can build a list of relevant keywords for your brand right on Pinterest.”3

If you’re looking for new assets for your designs, check out this bundle #MerchByAmazon #PrintOnDemand

EXCLUSIVE: 123 Best-Selling Fonts & 552 Premium Graphics and Logos – only $15!

“more than 120 fabulous fonts and over 550 graphics and logo templates”

Need some #customTshirt design #inspiration? Check out this authentic vintage machinist t-shirt from #TheCaptainsVintage #merchbyamazon #printondemand

80s You’re Number 1 Machinist Union t-shirt Medium
The Captains Vintage The Captains Vintage


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  5. https://thecaptainsvintage.com/products/80s-youre-number-1-machinist-union-t-shirt-medium

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