Weekly POD: Monthly Credit Value Increased & Free Design

Weekly POD Update

Monthly Credits Value Increased by 20%

We’re excited to announce that monthly credits for all Pro members have been increased by 20%. With this increase, Pro members get the ability to download one free design each month (or use it towards a custom order). 

Pro memberships can be purchased for as low as $14.92 per month, include discounts on all copywriting and designs, and can be canceled at anytime. Sign up today


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“From creating your account to uploading your first design, you’ll be uploading in about 10 minutes”

How to use the Merch Along Extension to upload your designs
Merch_Along_Admin Merch Along

“There are two parts to Merch Along, the portal, where you create your listings, and the extension, where you upload your listings.”1

Note: This was recently added to our Merch by Amazon Resources, Tools, & Apps page

“check out [this] list of the top free alternatives to Illustrator”

The Top 7 Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator of 2018
Caroline Forsey Marketing

“Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch free alternatives on the market, some of which even offer features unparalleled by Illustrator.”2

“set up your own calendar with every Merch holiday and event you could ever ask for”

How To Turn Google Calendars Into A Merch Calendar
Neil Merch Informer

“There has been a lot of talk in the Merch Community lately about trends and holidays and for good reason. They are a GREAT way to tier up your account and what a lot of big sellers recommend that newer sellers focus on when first starting out. “3

“Merch Informer added predictive search to both the products search as well as the Merch Hunter.”

Announcing Predictive Search – Merch Informer Search Update
Neil Merch Informer

“Predictive search uses an algorithm based on popular searches to predict a user’s search”4



” Here is the list of Twenty one fresh free fonts for Graphic designers.”

21 Fresh Free Fonts For Graphic Designers
Muhammad Faisal Graphic Design Junction

“Free fonts typefaces are available for Windows and MAC in truetype and opentype format.”5



“he only does a pop-up shop one week per month and he clears $6k every time”

Merch Minds Podcast – Episode 084: Talking Etsy with Manny Pinedo
Merch Minds Podcast with Glen and Yong

“Manny, who is a graphic designer, hadn’t found much success on Merch so he focused his efforts on Etsy and it’s paying off. Manny admits he’s doing parody designs in a certain niche. However, he’s working on eventually branching out to his own platform and creating a Shopify store. “6

Looking to grow a solo business? Listen to this @tferriss podcast with Elaine Pofeldt @ElainePofeldt

One-Person Businesses That Make $1M+ Per Year
Tim Ferriss The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

” case studies of people who have used it as a blueprint to build successful businesses as detailed in The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business “7



“POD…is ideal for stores starting out. It’s also great if you want to grow your business and test new products.”

What’s What: Drop Shipping vs. Print on Demand vs. Warehousing & Fulfillment
Liva Spandega Blog – Printful

“POD also lets you take more risks with the designs you offer – you can come up with something more unusual and see if your customers dig the new thing. “8


Order a custom pack of designs with free revisions to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Sun, June 17    Father’s Day
Tue, June 19    Juneteenth
Thu, June 21    June Solstice
Wed, July 4    Independence Day
Sun, July 15    National Ice Cream Day
Sun, July 22    Parents’ Day
Tue, July 24    Pioneer Day (Utah)
Wed, August 1    Colorado Day
Sat, August 4    Coast Guard Birthday

Bold entries are new since last week

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