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Weekly updates have moved  to a new day of the week, starting today. It works better for production – and based on  website traffic and email open rates, Wednesday is preferable to Wednesday for readers as well.


We have read through all of the submissions to our recent survey and wanted to share a few highlights:

  • 80% of respondents create at least some of their own designs
  • Over 33% are on tier 500 or higher on Merch by Amazon
  • Amazon Seller Central and Etsy are the most popular POD platforms, outside of Merch by Amazon
  • Most common challenges for merchants include marketing, finding enough time to do everything, and coming up with design ideas
  • Convenience and positive customer service most mentioned as some of best things about MRD
  • Areas for improvement include complexity and diversity of designs and potential IP issues

Thanks again to everyone that participated. We are working on addressing the challenges facing merchants and have a number of ideas in the works to assist with marketing, idea generation, and quick quality designs. We’ll have more info in the coming weeks.

We’re always working on improving the overall consistency of our stocked designs, and understand we aren’t quite there yet, with some great designs and some duds. A few big changes are in the works for our overall process, as we look to raise our standards.


10 Best Etsy Seller Apps to Help Grow Your Store
Blog – Printful

10 apps to help sell to over 34 million @Etsy buyers from @Printful #ecommerce #printondemand

“list of 10 Etsy apps for sellers that will help your products get noticed”

62 Best Friend Quotes & Sayings to Wow Your Bestie
RedBubble Blog

check out this list of 62 quotes and sayings about best friends by @RedBubble

“In case you didn’t get the memo, June 8 is National Best Friends Day. ”

Printify just raised a $1 Million investment. Here is what we plan to do with it

@Printify raised $1 million after gaining more than 50k merchants since Jan 2017 #printondemand #ecommerce

“Since launching our new Print-On-Demand platform in January, more than 50,000 merchants have signed up for Printify”

Going Global: How Iconspeak Found their Niche and Became a Massive Hit
Nora Inveiss Blog – Printful

Success story from @Iconspeak – maker of icon shirts for travelers on @printful blog #printondemand

“And while they discussed making an app, they decided “the low-tech aspect of a t-shirt is really nice and it makes it much more interactive. Because an app is only there when you take it out of your pocket, but a t-shirt is always there”

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – FINAL Merch by Amazon Update

Neil Merch Informer

Final update from @MerchInformer on paying off $100k of debt via #MerchByAmazon

“wrap up this year-long case study”



Useful for generating trending design ideas
  • Fri, May 25    National Wine Day
  • Mon, May 28    Memorial Day
  • Fri, June 1    National Donut Day
  • Wed, June 6    D-Day
  • Fri, June 8     Best Friends Day
  • Thu, June 14    Flag Day
  • Sun, June 17    Father’s Day
  • Tue, June 19    Juneteenth
  • Wed, July 4    Independence Day
  • Sun, July 15    National Ice Cream Day
  • Sun, July 22    Parents’ Day
If you’re looking for shirts for a specific event or holiday, consider a custom design pack.

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