Will there be a Merch by Amazon UK?

Is Merch by Amazon Expanding to the UK (Merch by Amazon UK)?

Although there’s been speculation for some time that Merch by Amazon may be looking to expand the platform to the UK, there are no announced plans to expand to Merch by Amazon UK.  

While Merch by Amazon products are only available to US customers, Merch by Amazon sellers can be located anywhere in the world. Sellers around the world have found success on the platform by targeting US customers. 

When Will MBA be Available in the UK?

If and when Merch by Amazon UK happens, there will be great opportunity for UK sellers looking to target products to UK customers. But in the meantime, there are some other things you can do to increase your business and get the most out of print-on-demand sales.

Currently, MBA merchants located in the UK and other countries can only sell their designs on Amazon’s US site. It could be that it’s the only way (at least for now) for Amazon to ensure that all MBA designs can enjoy the benefits of free shipping with a Prime membership. Free shipping with Prime is yet another reason for US customers to buy, and it may be why Amazon hasn’t offered MBA designs outside the US. But if you’d rather upload your designs without Prime shipping benefits than not upload them at all, it can be done.

Use Print-On-Demand Services as an Alternative to Merch

Using a print-on-demand service that serves the UK, such as Printful, allows you to list products on Amazon for customers anywhere in the world. Much in the way that Merch by Amazon handles the printing and shipping of your designs, Printful does the same, and you’re not only limited to tees. When you upload your artwork to Printful, it can be printed on everything from hoodies and hats to beach towels and pillows. Your Printful account can then be integrated with an Amazon seller account, where you’ll be able to reach Amazon customers and rely on Printful to handle the printing and shipping.

With a Printful account integrated into the Amazon Seller Central marketplace, you can easily add products and promote them through the Amazon marketplace. Your customers won’t be able to enjoy the free shipping that comes with a Prime membership, but they will have full access to your designs from anywhere in the world. For a UK seller looking to target local customers or create partnerships with businesses in the UK, it’s a great option – at least until MBA is fully made available to sellers outside the US.

Whether you’re waiting for Merch by Amazon UK to start printing on hoodies or make its expansion into the UK, you can use a POD service that offers many of the same benefits as MBA. Get creative, keep pumping out those great designs, and look for new and unique ways to market your products. Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world, so stay focused and commit yourself to creating the best possible designs they have to offer.

4 replies on “Will there be a Merch by Amazon UK?

  • Kevin Liley

    I have just been approved by merch and added my first 10 designs. Unfortunately I am unable to order any of these 10 designs as they don’t deliver to Bournemouth in England? Any idea when this may change?

    • MerchReadyDesigns

      No, I don’t have any info on that. Perhaps you could try sending one to a friend in the US? Or using a service that forwards shipments internationally?


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