How to Write Product Copy for Merch by Amazon

Having a great product is one thing—having that product searched for, found, and bought is quite another. With the ever-growing importance of understanding keywords and the exploding business opportunity that is Merch by Amazon, having product copy that gets your product noticed is one of the best ways to generate search results, find new customers, and grow your business. Check out these tips for how to write product copy with the best Merch by Amazon keywords, titles, bullets, and descriptions for your Merch by Amazon business.

It’s all About the Keywords

Let’s be honest, customers buy tee shirts because they like the design and the graphic, not because they care about the title you’ve given it. But the issue is this: no customer will ever be able to find your tee shirt if you don’t give it a name that jives with their search results. This is the first place in which keywords come into play.

Having the proper keywords in your title, bullet points, and product description is key in order to have your listings found organically. Merch by Amazon has limited character fields, so it’s important to get the most effective keywords into each field in order to get the best results. When deciding on what keywords to use, make sure that they serve a multitude of purposes. Keywords should:

  • Describe your product
  • Define who it is for (ask yourself, who would wear this shirt?)
  • Identify what it’s good for (ask yourself, where would someone wear this?)

Where to Find Your Merch by Amazon Keywords

There are lots of ways you can go about finding Merch by Amazon keywords keywords to use in your Merch by Amazon titles, bullets, and descriptions:

  • Search for a similar t-shirt on Amazon to see what keywords the competition is using
  • Utilize keyword research tools such as Merch Informer, Merchant Words,, and the Google Keyword Planner
  • Keep an eye out for keywords in everyday media such as television, online ads, billboards, magazines, and Facebook forums
  • Find keywords by staying up-to-date on trending topics on sites such as Google Trends and Buzzfeed

What to Write and Where to Put It

In addition to a full product description, which should be between approximately 200-250 words, there are three main fields in which you can incorporate keywords to get your products noticed.

  1. The Title Field

Merch by Amazon allows for up to 60 characters in the title field. Use as many of the characters as you can in order to incorporate as many keywords as possible. For example:

Title: Give Me a Break HTML Programming Computer Coding T-Shirt

  1. Bullet Points

There are two separate bullet point fields that can handle a maximum of 256 characters each. Focus your bullets on describing the product, identifying who would wear it, and listing suggestions of where it can be worn. For example:

Bullet 1: Coders, computer programmers, computer science students, nerds, and self-proclaimed computer geeks will love this computer coding t-shirt with a sarcastic “give me a break” message in HTML code with distressed printing

Bullet 2: A fun, sarcastic look that’s perfect for wearing to bars, parties, concerts, comic book stores, technology conventions, school, and anywhere that you want to show your geeky side and humorous attitude

When in Doubt, Hire a Pro

When a pipe breaks in your house, you hire a plumber. When your car engine won’t start, you visit a mechanic. So unless your copywriting skills and SEO practices are top-notch, hire a professional copywriter that knows exactly how to write product copy for Merch by Amazon and what it takes to get your products noticed. MerchReadyDesigns has full-time copywriters on staff that write product copy, titles, bullet points, and SEO-friendly product descriptions all day, every day. At reasonable rates with quick turn-around times, MerchReadyDesigns makes it easy to take the task of copywriting off your plate so you can focus on creating, marketing, and selling your designs online.    

You can have the greatest designs in the world, but if no one sees your listings, you’re not going to get the orders you need to build and grow your business. Take the time yourself—or hire a professional—to do keyword research, create searchable titles, write strong bullet points, and create SEO product descriptions that will get your listings noticed and get your products sold.

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